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Air Atronach
(lore page)
Location Craglorn, Balamath, Elinhir Sewerworks, Spellscar, Magical Anomalies
City of Ash II
Yasammidan, Ebernanit Morrowind
Species Air Atronach
Health 47046
59151 (Spellscar)
1846117 (Magical Anomalies)
29870 (Vvardenfell)
Reaction Hostile
Elemental Essence
An Air Atronach

Air Atronachs are a new type of elemental created by the Serpent, who has corrupted and taken control of the Mage's atronach army in Craglorn. They supposedly possess the combined power of a flame, frost and storm atronach. They are found mostly in the eastern half of Lower Craglorn, often accompanied by spellfiends and other atronachs. They can also be found guarding certain Daedric ruins on Vvardenfell.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Lightning Rod

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