Online: People
Location Eyevea
Race Argonian, Redguard, Bosmer, Breton, Dunmer, Imperial, Khajiit, Nord, Orc, Altmer Gender Varies
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Mages Guild
An Altmer Adept
A Khajiit adept

Adepts are members of the Mages Guild that can be found throughout Eyevea following completion of the Mages Guild questline. They have unique ambient dialogue that differs by race.


  • "Stars above, it's you adept! Do give Shalidor my best, yes?"
  • "Thrice-damn those Orc Mages. What part of quiet contemplation do they not understand?"
  • "By the Fixed Center, do we have to let every race into Eyevea?"
  • "Auri-el's breath, my patience with the Dark Elves wears thin."
  • "I am trying, adept. I truly am. But shouldn't regular bathings be a requirement for Guild membership?"
  • "The wind here speaks to me. The soil as well. Eyevea is a good place."
  • "Stay moist, adept."
  • "A Dark Elf complimented my spellwork today. And I do not believe he was instulting me."
  • "Go well along the river, adept. May it guide you well."
  • "Please give Shalidor my regards next time you see him."
  • "By the Green, it's the adept that helped Shalidor!"
  • "Smell that air. So far from Valenwood, and yet … so clean."
  • "I saw an Argonian earlier today! Can you imagine?"
  • "I don't approve of all this wooden construction. The Green would not approve."
  • "No one to tell me I can't try a salad! Hah!"
  • "I pray to Julianos for Eyevea's protection every day."
  • "I say it's a bluff. There's no way the alliances will tax goods coming through Eyevea."
  • "Gods keep you well, travler. And all of Eyevea!"
  • "Sorry, adept. Trying to calculate pricing for a particularly intricate spell matrix."
  • "Adept, well met! You have my thanks for all you've done for the guild."
  • "Sotha Sil's wisdom must have fueled you, adept."
  • "Praise to the Three! And may they favor the Guild's greatest adept."
  • "May the Three keep us safe in the heart of the guild."
  • "Go with Almalexia, adept. May she guide your research well."
  • "Vivec guide your steps, adept. As he does mine."
  • "May the Eight protect you, and our Mages Guild."
  • "Magnus keep and watch over you, adept."
  • "Honor to you, traveler. And welcome to Eyevea."
  • "Bright Moons hang above Eyevea, adept. All thanks to you."
  • "Taste the air, adept. The fragrance of Magecraft and freedom."
  • "This one welcomes you to the heart of the guild, adept"
  • "This one is most impressed. You survived the trials of Sheggorath, and still have your wits about you!"
  • "Please, if you would. Give my regards to Shalidor next time you see him."
  • "Adept, tell me honestly: did you even know that flowers came in pink?"
  • "This place is wonderful. Don't tell anyone, but I think even Sovngarde might pale next to Eyevea!"
  • "Back home, my family calls me names. Here, everyone's a milk-drinker like me! Ha!"
  • "Ugh. I tell you adept, it never gets this warm in the Holds. How can the Elves stand it?"
  • "Just now I saw a Khajiit, an Argonian, and an Orc chatting over some scrolls! Troll's blood!"
  • "Honor and blood, adept. Drink in the freedom of Eyevea!"
  • "You know what I think, when I look around? That's right. Massive Mage army! Hah hah hah."
  • "Look, I belong here. So shove off, or you'll feel Mauloch's left fang!"
  • "Hah! Brave meeting, adept. And Mauloch's glory on you for all you've done."
  • "I know it's just my imagination, but I swear the Elves leave a stink behind. You know?"
  • "Health and welcome to Eyevea."
  • "Mind the shifting sands of magic, adept!"
  • "Upon my honor, Eyevea certainly is grand!"
  • "Luck and clear roads, adept!"
  • "Hail, wayfarer! Enjoy your time at the heart of the guild."
  • "Peace be upon you, wayfarer."