Online:Acolyte Raloro

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Acolyte Raloro
Home City Kragenmoor
Location Grandmaster's Palace
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Tribunal Temple
Acolyte Raloro

Acolyte Raloro is a Dunmer found at the Grandmaster's Palace in Kragenmoor.

Related QuestsEdit

  • The Fetish: Identify the origins of a strange religious statue.


"Three gods. One faith.
I trust you have practiced your devotions for the day."

Quest-Related EventsEdit

After purchasing a mysterious statue from Zahshur, he'll send you to talk to an Acolyte in Kragenmoor:

Do you recognize this statue?
"Ugh! Ghastly-looking thing. Where did you find this?"
I bought it from an Ashlander merchant. He found it in the wastes.
"Why does that sound familiar? Ah! Of course. This must be one of the artifacts Haldyn described.
It's more hideous than I expected."
Someone was looking for this?
"Yes, he was definitely looking for it … or something like it. I gather he knows something about its past.
The fellow's name was Haldyn Omavel."
Where can I find him?
"He came through town not long ago, gathering supplies. He was going to search the ruins on the plateau to the north.
I warned him those ruins were ill-fated, but he ignored me."