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Abandoned Home
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Abandoned Home

Abandoned Home is an abandoned house on the eastern outskirts of Narsis, by Lake Hlaalu.


You will visit the house during the related quest. There is an upper floor and a basement, with two side rooms each on the ground and second floor. A trapdoor in the corner of the basement leads into the Narsis Ruins. Every room is filled with dead and dying Villagers. A copy of the lore book, Shad Astula Academy Handbook, can be found on a crate inside the house.

Councilor Ralden and Madras Tedas are near the front door. The outcome of the quest is different depending on who you helped earlier. If you completed A Timely Matter, the villagers Madras brought to the ruins will have died during their attack. If you completed Ratting Them Out, Councilor Ralden will die.

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