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Investigate an Altmer researching the Argonian graveyard.
Zone: Shadowfen
Objective: Deep Graves — Rid Deep Graves of its corrupting influence.
Quest Giver: Xijai-Teel
Location(s): Deep Graves
Prerequisite Quest: Whispers of the Wisps
Next Quest: Broken Apart
Reward: Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience XP
ID: 3729
The Fragmented Stopper
Xijai-Teel welcomed a traveling High Elf to Deep Graves, but she believes he has something to do with the wisps' recent aggression.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Xijai-Teel.
  2. Investigate Valrendil's camp.
  3. Talk to Alanya in the cave.
  4. Talk to Xijai-Teel atop the xanmeer.
  5. Recover the fragments of an ancient relic.
  6. Return to Xijai-Teel.
  7. Keep drawn spirits away from the ritual.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Speak to Xijai-Teel to begin the quest, either straightaway after completing Whispers of the Wisps, or later at the top of Deep Graves' southern xanmeer:

"I wonder if this has something to do with our new visitor? We've never entertained an Altmer before.
Or it may just be coincidence."
What do you mean?
"Valrendil seemed harmless. At first, he studied our ways. Then he began taking tokens and other discards from our rituals. That was odd, but did no harm.
Then he was caught digging up some of our graves. He said he simply wished to examine them."
Is he a necromancer?
"He didn't disturb the bodies. It's something else.
I want to understand him, but he won't discuss it with me. He's set up camp not far from here. Perhaps there are some clues there."
I'll see what I can find out.

Valrendil's camp is south of Deep Graves' xanmeer. Go there and interact with the marked objects; we'll begin with a pack:

<This pack holds a Dominion uniform with various medals, and some type of rank insignia. Beneath it all lies a crumpled poster.>
<Examine the poster.>
"WANTED: Valrendil, for dereliction of duty. Proof of his death will be rewarded by your assigned Dominion paymaster.
Subject is delusional and prone to sympathize with enemy Argonians."

Next, read the worn spellbook on a table:

<This book details accounts of Argonian funeral rites. One page near the back is marked with a yellow ribbon.>
<Examine the marked page.>
<You've found a sketch of a fair Altmer woman on the marked page. It's signed "Valrendil." There's writing below the picture in much shakier handwriting.>
"Such scrawls do your beauty no justice, my love. I will see you again, and soon."

Finally, check the crate of supplies:

<You can see several ancient Argonian relics. They've been carefully wrapped and stored.>
<One of the more intricate and ancient jars is broken, despite its careful packaging.>

At this point, Valrendil will exit a nearby cave and notice you:

Valrendil: "Why are you searching my belongings?"

Speak to him:

"I came to this hallowed place to learn, not to deal with petty thieves.
I'll report you to Xijai-Teel. She won't tolerate vagabonds on this site."
Xijai-Teel sent me. She wants to know why you are here.
"Of course, I should have expected this.
Tell the generous Xijai-Teel not to fear. My work does not threaten Argonians. It is personal—the work of decades—and now I may finally have succeeded, though I must betray the legacy of the ancestors."
What work? What do you mean?
"My wife! I'm talking about my wife. She was ... is ... the joy of my life. Such grace as you see but once in a hundred years.
Then death took her. I could not prevent it, but I cannot let go. She was caught between worlds ... until now."
What have you done?
"My wife lives! She's blessed by an Argonian reincarnation, thank the Hist! Though I wanted this, I was still amazed at how quickly she awoke in this place.
The Dominion will execute me for desertion, so I remain here, in the home my beloved created."
She only awoke here? May I meet her?
"Only here. It must be the proximity to the Hist reclaiming its dead. To have her back with me—it's wonderful!
Yes, of course, you should meet her. She's within. It just looks like a cave, but inside, she's recreated our home."

Head through the wooden cave door nearby, and you'll find yourself in a blue-tinted recreation of a typical Altmer home. Valrendil's wife, the semitranslucent Altmer Alanya, is inside; speak to her:

"A traveler! Welcome. Rest at our hearth as long as you wish.
Shall I prepare you some food and drink?"
Are you Valrendil's wife?
"Of course I am! Don't I look like a beautiful High Elf noble?
Are you with the Dominion? Did they send you to arrest my husband for desertion? Begone! He must not be bothered."
It seems you have something to hide, spirit. What are you, really?
"I am Valrendil's wife! I am the one he loves, the one he cares for, the one he has sought all these years. I will make him happy. Forever.
I have no more business with you."
I meant no offense, but your appearance is not what I expected.
"My appearance? You cast aspersions on my beauty? My husband will throw you out!
And he shall, for he loves me and he will stay with me forever. You, however, will not."

When the conversation is finished, you will be forcibly teleported out of the cave. Head to the xanmeer and speak to Xijai-Teel:

"Are you well? All around you, I see marks of that spirit's tendrils.
You have been to the Altmer's camp. What did you find?"
He introduced me to his wife.
"Wife? He came with no wife. How could ....
Ah. How foolish of me. Our wispmother has assumed the form of Valrendil's dead wife. She is strong. Far greater than the simple spirit I thought her to be. This is dangerous."
How can I stop her?
"Legends say you cannot destroy wispmothers, just as you cannot destroy the moon or stars. No, her essence must be sealed, or else she will rise from the swamps again.
She's taken a fancy to her new lover. This we can use against her."
Do you have a plan?
"I always make plans. Ssaa. We must seal her in something ancient and powerful.
See the far xanmeers? Each holds fragments I need to make a prison. I'll prepare the ritual site. Gather the pieces and meet me where the newly dead are buried."

You'll need to retrieve the Fragmented Stopper from the northwest corner of the ruins, and the Fragmented Urn from the northeast corner. Each artifact is in an elevated part of the ruins, on top of a glowing section of the floor. Let's begin with the fragmented stopper:

<The ancient relic on this pedestal thrums with power. As you approach, the distinct taste of salt floods your mouth.>
<Take the fragmented stopper.>

Take the item, and the stonework will stop glowing. Head west, now, and get the urn:

<The ancient relic on this pedestal thrums with power. As you approach, the distinct taste of salt floods your mouth.>
<Combine the fragmented urn and the fragmented stopper.>

Now, seek out Xijai-Teel at the north end of Deep Graves, where you met Parash during the previous quest. Speak to her:

"The urn you carry once contained the cursed souls of those who can never return to the Hist. It was punishment for their blasphemies against the Saxhleel.
It's lost some of its power through the ages, but it will still serve our purpose."
What do we do?
"I must conduct the rite. Your duty is simple: do not let any souls enter this circle, or they will become trapped as well.
Let me know when you are ready."
I'm ready. Let's begin.

While Xijai-Teel performs the ritual, several blue orbs of light will slowly drift toward the ritual site. Hit them with a light attack to drive them back. Once the ritual is complete, speak to Xijai-Teel over by a cart full of corpses, to complete the quest:

"The artifact is ready. Do not unseal it until it's time."
When should I unseal it?
"You should take the vessel to the wispmother. She is powerful right now, so first, you must weaken her.
Then open the vessel, so it can take in her corrupted soul."

Quest StagesEdit

A Stranger Uninvited
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
The High Elf's camp is on the southeast side of the xanmeer. I should investigate it.
Objective: Find the High Elf's Camp
A search of Valrendil's camp may reveal his real reason for visiting with the Argonians in Deep Graves.
Objective: Search the Altmer's Camp
Hidden Objective: Find a Clue in the Camp
I've attracted Valrendil's attention while searching through his camp. I should speak to him to see if I can make sense of what I've found so far.
Objective: Talk to Valrendil
Valrendil claims his wife, once dead, has now returned to him. Proof of this lies within a cave near his camp. If she does exist, I should speak to her to find out how she returned to life.
Objective: Talk to Valrendil's Wife
Valrendil's "wife" quickly rebuffed me when I questioned her, and Valrendil's "house" turned out to be an illusion of a High Elf house within the cave. I should tell Xijai-Teel of these strange happenings.
Objective: Talk to Xijai-Teel atop the Xanmeer
Xijai-Teel believes the spirit is a wispmother. The monster has apparently taken the guise of Valrendil's wife to enthrall him. After I retrieve an ancient relic, Xijai-Teel can seal the wispmother.
Objective: Retrieve the Fragmented Urn
Objective: Retrieve the Stopper
I should bring the stoppered urn to Xijai-Teel. She said she would meet me by a ritual circle at the entrance to Deep Graves.
Objective: Complete the Ritual with Xijai-Teel
Objective Hint: Keep Drawn Spirits Away from the Ritual Circle
☑Finishes quest I've completed the ritual to empower an ancient relic. With this, I can trap the wispmother. I should speak to Xijai-Teel to get it.
Objective: Speak with Xeejai-Teel