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Clear the Stormfists out of the meadery.
Zone: Eastmarch
Objective: Voljar's Meadery — Help get Voljar's Meadery back in business.
Quest Giver: Fens Snowpeak, Haraldar Snowpeak
Location(s): Voljar's Meadery
Next Quest: A Brother's Revenge
Reward: Voljar Meadery Seal
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High
What happened last night?
Stormfist soldiers ransacked Voljar's Meadery and slaughtered the family—all because they wanted free mead. Haraldar's wife was one of the Voljars killed in the attack. He wants to reopen the meadery, and he recruited his four brothers to help.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Haraldar Snowpeak.
  2. Find the recipe book and herbs inside the meadery.
  3. Get spices from the storeroom.
  4. Return to Haraldar.
  5. Talk to Roruld Snowpeak.
  6. Defeat the giant who is agitating the bees.
  7. Collect appleblossom honey from the barn, and search for Bjoruld.
  8. Return to Roruld.
  9. Talk to Haraldar.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

A keg of mead won't last long around here

Quest Stages[edit]

A Friend in Mead
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Latest start I should help restore Voljar's Meadery. Fens asked me to speak to his older brother, Haraldar. He's by the farmhouse.
Objective: Talk to Haraldar
Latest start Haraldar asked me to check out the meadery and make sure the place was safe before him and his brothers follow me.
Objective: Enter the Meadery
I'm inside the meadery. I need to locate the recipe book and some fragrant herbs so Haraldar's brother can start making mead again.
Objective: Find Fragrant Herbs
Objective: Find the Mead Recipe Book
Haraldar also asked me to collect some rare spices from the storeroom on the meadery's upper floor.
Objective: Retrieve Rare Spices from the Storeroom
The Snowpeak brothers now have access to the meadery. Once I turn over the recipe book and the ingredients, they should be able to start making mead again. I should talk to Haraldar and see what other help he needs.
Objective: Talk to Haraldar
Haraldar asked me to help his brother Roruld, the new master mead crafter. He's having some kind of trouble that involves bees and giants.
Objective: Talk to Roruld
Roruld asked me to get rid of the giant that's frightening the bees east of the meadery. He suggested I kick a beehive to use the bees against the giant. He even splashed me with something to make the bees leave me alone.
Objective: Collect Giant's Toe
Objective Hint: Kick a Hive to Anger the Bees
I killed the giant that was frightening the bees and collected its toe. I should bring the giant's toe to Roruld back at the meadery.
Objective: Give Giant's Toe to Roruld
Roruld Snowpeak asked me to grab a barrel of appleblossom honey from the barn. He also asked me to keep an eye out for his twin brother, Bjoruld. He's supposed to make a delivery to Windhelm, but no one has seen him lately.
Objective: Collect Appleblossom Honey
Optional Step: Keep an Eye Out for Bjoruld
Hidden Objective: Kill Bear
I collected the appleblossom honey from the barn. I should bring it to Roruld so he can make more mead.
Objective: Deliver Honey to Roruld Snowpeak
Roruld Snowpeak has been crafting new flavors of mead. He wants me to try his latest concoction.
Objective: Sample Roruld Snowpeak's Newest Mead
☑Finishes quest I woke up after sampling one of the new meads. Now that Voljar's Meadery is back in business, I hope Haraldar feels he honored his wife's memory. I should talk to him.
Objective: Talk to Haraldar
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