Oblivion Mod:Stirk/Starting Out


How to get thereEdit

Once you install the plug-in, the isle of Stirk will be added to the western (left) extremity of your game map. Reaching Stirk is quite simple and there are three ways by which you can arrive on the island.

  • Fast Travel: the most simple and cost-free way to get there is to use fast travel by clicking on the 'Stirk' icon which is already marked on your map. You will find yourself in front of Stirk Chapel.
  • Travel: if you don't like fast traveling or like to roleplay, you can travel to the Anvil docks and locate The Magnificent, which is found between The Serpent's Wake and The Sea Tub Clarabella. Talk to Jafan, the captain, and he will welcome you on board for a fee of 50 gold. You will the arrive at Stirk docks, in front of the Basilla Lighthouse.
  • Swim: the island lies only a few miles west of mainland Cyrodiil and can be reached after a couple of minutes' swimming or walking on water. You will make landfall near the Polle Gold Mine.