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(RefID: xx01F2F9)
Location Gloom Way Cave
Race Argonian Gender Female
Level 30 Class Smuggler
RefID xx01F2F9 BaseID xx01F2F8
Other Information
Health 480 Magicka 410
Faction(s) Argonian Smugglers

Yeshani is one of the leaders of the Argonian Smugglers. She is based out of Gloom Way Cave.

Yeshani wears an eboron cuirass, worn mithril greaves and gauntlets, Boots of Shock Resistance, a random defensive staff, and a black Legion cape. She wields a random blade and carries an assortment of items, including potions, gems, three lockpicks, and copies of The Seed and Hanging Gardens.

If you side with the smugglers during the Slavers and Smugglers quest, she will also offer services; she buys and sells anything except spells, has 1500 barter gold, and a Mercantile skill of 74. He's available between 7am and 7pm, every day.