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Drowned Hopes Cave
# of Zones 2
Argonian smugglers
Console Location Code(s)
DrownedHopesCave, DrownedHopesCave02
On the north shore of a small lake formed by the northern branch of Panther River.

Drowned Hopes Cave is a medium-size cave far east of Bravil containing Argonian smugglers. It has two zones: Drowned Hopes Cave and Silent Lament's Hollow.


  • The exterior is located at coordinates: Tamriel 37, 13
  • This location's map marker is named Drowned Hopes Cave (editor name DrownedHopesMapMarker). The entrance door is below the marker, 10 feet away.

This cave is a direct copy of Undertow Cavern; refer to the UESP page for details on layout and maps.