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A SPEL record holds information on a single spell.

Subrecords known to occur in the SPEL record include (confirmed):

  • EDID (required): Editor ID (variable length string)
  • FULL (required): Spell name (variable length string)
  • SPIT (required): Spell data (16 bytes)
  • EFID (optional, multiple): Holds an effect ID (4 bytes, )
  • EFIT (optional, multiple): Holds effect data (24 bytes, )
  • SCIT (optional, multiple): Holds script effect data (16 bytes, )
  • FULL (optional, multiple): Holds the custom script effect name (variable length string)

SPIT SubrecordEdit

Appears to hold 16 bytes of basic spell data ()

Name Type/Size Info
Type 4 (dword) The basic spell type
0 = Spell
1 = Disease
2 = Power
3 = Lesser Power
4 = Ability
5 = Poison
SpellCost 4 (dword) Spell cost if autocalc is off
SpellLevel 4 (dword) The skill level of the spell
0 = Apprentice
1 = Novice
2 = Journeyman
3 = Expert
4 = Master
Flags 4 (dword) Spell flags
0x00000001 = Manual Spell Cost (Autocalc Off)
0x00000004 = Player Start Spell
0x0000000A = Immune to Silence (0x0A = 0x08 + 0x02)
0x00000010 = Area Effect Ignores LOS
0x00000020 = Script Effect Always Applies
0x00000040 = Disallow Spell Absorb/Reflect
0xCDCDCD00 = Default (uninitialized data?)

Effect SubrecordsEdit

There will be one set of EFID/EFIT subrecords for each regular effect applied to the ingredient and a set of EFID/EFIT/SCIT/FULL subrecords for each script effect. The data appears to be identical to that used in the ENCH record.

Note that the SPEL record can have multiple FULL subrecords. The first is required and will be the item name. Any subsequent FULL subrecords will be a script effect name.