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Ungolim's House
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Ungolim's House

Ungolim's House is a home located on the north side of Bravil, adjacent to Ranaline's house. It is the residence of Ungolim, a Bosmer assassin.

The house consists of only one zone, Ungolim's House.



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Ungolim's HouseEdit

The dining room

Ungolim's house is a small and fairly unremarkable two-story home. After opening the front door, you will find two barrels containing clutter to your immediate right with a pumpkin and grain sack situated on top of them. Heading south past the barrels will take you to a small dining room illuminated by a cozy fireplace located in the southern part of the room. After entering the room, you will find a locked chest containing armor to your immediate right. In the center of the room are three chairs and a table that holds three radishes, two ears of corn, a cheese wedge, an apple, and a carrot along with some tan dishes and pewter dining ware. A leek can be found on the ground near the table. North of the table is a cupboard containing ingredients with a pumpkin and a watermelon resting on top of it. In the northeast corner of the room are five barrels that all contain clutter. Located in the southeast corner of this room is a cabinet displaying some tan and metal dishes. The southwest corner of the room is fairly empty and only contains a barrel that simply holds clutter. Outside of the dining room located near the steps leading to the second floor are three barrels containing clutter, a chair, and a table that holds a planter.

The study
The bedroom

The second floor of the house greets you with a small area that serves as a study. The eastern part of this room contains a table that is decorated by some silver dishes and candles and a stack of sacks and crates that all hold clutter. The center of this room contains a table that displays a silver bowl and a bench. In the northwest corner of the room you will find a locked chest containing some gold and a chance of jewelry and a cupboard that contains clutter. In the southwest corner of the study is a set of drawers containing clothes along with a table that displays a planter and a candle.

Behind a locked reinforced door located in the northern part of the second floor of the house is Ungolim's bedroom. In the eastern part of the room is his bed and a locked chest that holds some gold and may also contain some jewelry. In the vicinity of the bed and chest is a sack and a cupboard containing clutter with another sack containing more clutter situated on top of the cupboard. Located beside this cupboard and across from a chair is a set of shelves containing clutter. A single bottle of Cyrodilic Brandy can be found on top of the shelves. In the west end of the bedroom is a set of drawers containing clutter with a planter and a sack containing even more clutter situated on top of the drawers.


  • Ungolim carries the key to this location which is required to open the door to the house.
  • All of the chests and sacks in the house are non-respawning containers and are therefore safe for storage.