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(RefID: 00048CFB)
Home City Leyawiin
House Castle Leyawiin
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Level 12 Class Healer
RefID 00048CFB BaseID 00034E6F
Other Information
Health 75 Magicka 137
Responsibility 50 Aggression 5
Faction(s) People who live in the Private Quarters; Leyawiin Castle; Leyawiin

Tsavi is a Khajiit healer and mage serving at Castle Leyawiin.

She has a pretty simple routine every day. She wakes up at 6am and wanders around the Healer's and Steward's Private Quarters until 10am, at which time she will head to the Leyawiin Mages Guild where she stays until 2pm. She will then head back to the Castle Quarters, wandering there again until 4pm. Next she heads to the Great Chapel of Zenithar and will stand in front of the door leading to the Great Hall. At 7pm she will leave the Chapel and will head back to the Castle, and will then be found eating in the Dining Room from 8pm and until 11pm, when she heads to the Quarters to sleep for seven hours.

There are two exceptions to this schedule. On Middas, from 12pm until 8pm she will instead be found wandering around her private quarters. During the Daedric quest Sanguine, she will skip her evening meal and pace around her quarters instead. She will return to her usual schedule once you cast Stark Reality.

Her attire consists of a green robe and a matching green robe hood along with a pair of quilted shoes. She also carries two keys that open various doors in the Private Quarters of the castle. Her only other possession is a leveled amount of gold. She doesn't carry any weapons, relying instead on a set of five leveled spells from all of the magical schools but Mysticism. These include four powerful spells (one Alteration, one Destruction, one Illusion, and one Restoration) and a weak Summon or Bound Weapon spell.


When first spoken to, she'll humbly introduce herself:

"Tsavi, Count's Mage and Castle Healer, your servant."

When she is asked about Leyawiin, she will express her dislike about Alessia's ideas about the Khajiit, Argonians, and Dunmer:

"I have been happy enough in the Count's service. But I am not so happy about his lovely wife, and her Nibenean advisor. Lady Alessia is uncomfortable with Khajiit ways. And Argonian ways. And Dunmer ways. She is only comfortable with pure white-bread Nibeneans."



  • Tsavi will stand in one spot upon entering either the Leyawiin Mages Guild or the Leyawiin Chapel Hall due to misconfigured wander packages.
  • Her different behavior on Middas is caused by an AI package called LeyawiinExploreNobleTourneyWed. Despite its name, however, it does nothing besides send Tsavi back to her room.
    •   The Unofficial Oblivion Patch, version 3.3.0, addresses this issue. This package has been completely removed from Tsavi's schedule.
  • Despite her schedule sending her to a locked area of the Chapel, Tsavi doesn't possess the required key to access it.