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(RefID: 00036265)
Home City Bruma
Store Nord Winds
Race Nord Gender Female
Level 8 Class Clothier
RefID 00036265 BaseID 00035EB4
Available 8am-8pm every day
When the Fighter's Stronghold download is installed, this NPC offers services at slightly different times. 8am-8pm; 12am-2am
Gold 1000 Mercantile Journeyman (60)
Sells Clothing
Other Information
Health 86 Magicka 97
Responsibility 50 Aggression 5
Faction(s) Bruma Citizens; Nord Winds in Bruma
Skjorta in Nord Winds, Bruma

Skjorta is a Nord merchant at Nord Winds in Bruma where she sells clothes, while her husband Olfand sells weapons and armor. She exemplifies the "barbaric" Nords, as she often gets drunk and runs around town.

She wakes up at 8am and opens up her shop, offering her services for a long 12 hours. At 8pm she will head over to Olav's Tap and Tack for dinner. Her dinner may last until midnight, but may be cut short at 10pm by her deciding to run around Bruma while drunk for the next two hours (50% chance). At midnight she will either head home to wander around or again run around town for two hours (50% chance). Either way, at 2am she should go to bed to sleep, but can't due to a bug. Instead she just wanders around all night.

During Defense of Bruma, she will shortly provide her services between the point where the Countess ordered her men to stop opening Oblivion Gates and when Martin leaves the city.

She wears a burgundy linen shirt with burgundy linens and doeskin shoes. She also carries the key to her shop and a medium-sized amount of gold.


When you're in her shop, she may greet you with:

"Skjorta. Nord Winds. We've got clothes and armor. And I've got a headache, so keep your voice down, please."
"We drink because we're happy. We're Nords. It's just the thick tongue and fat head the day after that makes me unhappy."


Her husband will introduce himself and Skjorta by noting their fondness for drinking:

"I'm Olfand, the Light Armor trainer. Skjorta and I run North [sic] Winds. Please excuse us. We had a little drink-up last night. Still a little muzzy."

Her drinking has not gone unnoticed to the people of Bruma. Fjotreid will share his disappointment when asked about Bruma:

"I work hard. Folks like Skjorta and Olfand give us Nords a bad name, drinking and carrying on until all hours."

Others around Bruma can also be heard commenting on Skjorta's habits:

"Skjorta is a nuisance. She was running around town, drunk and naked again."
"Someone needs to get Skjorta under control. You'd think Olfand would be the one to do it."
"Olfand really has his hands full with Skjorta. I don't know how he has time for business."
"Poor Olfand. I don't know how he manages to live with Skjorta."

To which others will reply:

"I don't know why the guards haven't taken care of her yet."
"She's a disgrace to our whole city. Poor Olfand."
"He keeps busy. Repairing weapons, training light armor techniques, keeping track of Skjorta...."
"He's sure got his hands full, between smithing and training in light armor. I don't know how he does it."

The townsfolk can also be heard asking each other:

"What do you think about all of Skjorta's antics?"
"Can you believe how Skjorta acts?"

And replying:

"She's ridiculous. I suppose some may find it amusing, but not me."
"It's awful. I feel terrible for her husband. He must be so ashamed."


  • She should be able to sell the unique Councilor's Hood, but the merchant chest containing it is incorrectly owned by S'Krivva (who is alphabetically next in the NPC list). Since S'Krivva can under no circumstances trade with you, the item is completely unavailable.
  • Skjorta should sleep between 2am and 8am, but as the door to the bedroom is owned by the GenericOwnerFaction, of which neither she nor her husband are a part, she can't access it.