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Oblivion:Skingrad Town Guard House

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Skingrad Town Guard House
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Skingrad Town Guard House

The Skingrad Town Guard House is the guard house just inside the East Gate of Skingrad. It is next to Summitmist Manor and across from Toutius Sextius' house.

While home to many Skingrad guards, Dion, the captain of the guard, is the only named resident.


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Skingrad Town Guard HouseEdit

Skingrad Town Guard HouseEdit

A three-level town house, it is simple and functional with minimal decor. The entryway stores crates of clutter only. The dining area for the guards is on the second level, up the ramp and to the right. It has two dining tables, one serving cheese and an apple and the other with bread and an apple. There is a sideboard in the southwest corner serving more bread plus two tomatoes and three blackberries. There are two strawberries in the wooden bowl with the cheese. Next to the sideboard, a basket of apples is on the floor and a food barrel has a pumpkin sitting on top. Another food barrel and food cupboard are in the northwest corner. A small storage room is across the room on the east wall. The room has two more food barrels plus some clutter crates and a cluster of garlic hanging from a hook. Of more interest are two sets of wooden shelves. The shelves on the left contain pottery, but a Skingrad cuirass is on the top shelf. Directly across from the door is the second shelf with another Skingrad cuirass on the top. This shelf also holds three pairs of leather gauntlets and three leather greaves. An empty weapons rack hangs on the wall, but on the floor below it is a steel shield.

Up one flight of stairs, a locked door on the landing opens to the captain's quarters. The bedroom is circular, so from left to right you will find the bed, and next to it a locked chest containing gold and random loot. Next to the chest is a food cupboard and then a small table with a wooden bowl holding an apple, two strawberries and two blackberries. There are also seven pieces of gold to be had. Next is a set of wooden shelves with some clothing and books. On top is a Guard helmet and a silver dagger is on the shelf second to the bottom. In the middle of the room is a table serving as a desk. It has a copy of Manual of Arms and a steel longsword.

The barracks are on the third floor. A small table and wooden shelf have been set up in an alcove at the top of the stairs. The table holds nothing of interest, but the shelves have three more guard helmets, three steel short swords and two more Skingrad cuirasses. The sleeping quarters are to the right. There are six beds, each with a chest as well as two tables. However, the chests hold only clutter, as do the tables.