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Console Command: SetDebugText <id>Edit

Going into the Console and entering SetDebugText <id> (or SDT <id> for short) can give some useful info. After setting the text, use the command TDT to toggle it. You can scroll back to previous console commands with UpArrow on the keyboard. To refresh information on screen, it's useful to clear unnecessary data with going out of Console. The last actual data will remain on screen. If you want to clear off debug-info from screen, type TDT once more. All data is dynamic, refreshing continuously. Some items are marked as working with NPCs. With these, while in the console mode click an NPC (friendly or not) to see information about that NPC instead of your character. Clicking that NPC a second time will show you your info again.

See AlsoEdit

ID Information Works with NPCs
0 Game Date & Time, Cell and Map Coordinates, directions... Y
1 Player body/bone stats Y
2 FPS & misc graphical information N
3 Same as 2 N
4 LOD to Load (Not completely sure) N
5 Script Profiler (I am currently digging in the INI file, I believe that there is a way, built into the game to organize the saves from different characters)  ?
6 Player Combat Profile (Shows how many and what kinds of characters are attacking character) Y
7 Combat Style (Only useful on NPCs - shows information about how their AI does combat) Y
8 Magic Info (Shows stats on everything magic related on character) Y
9 Player Info (Shows a wealth of information [i.e. stats] about your current character) Y
10 Skill Usage (Shows the current level of all your skills and the total level needed to level up, as well as what stats have been gained since last leveling) N
11 Audio Info (Shows all the currently playing sounds around your character) N
12 Shows your current FPS all by itself N
13 Graphics Info (Shows texture memory usage, etc...) N
14 Source Textures Pg 1 (Not quite sure what this is for) N
15 Pg 2 N
16 Pg 3 N
17 Pg 4 N
18 Pg 5 N
19 Pg 6 N
20 Pg 7 N
21 Pg 8 N
22 Pg 9 N
23 Pg 10 N
24 Profiler (Much Like 5)  ?
25 ProfilerMAX (A Super powered disabled feature)  ?
26 Heap Stats N
27 MemContext N
28 System MemContext N
29 Save Game Info N
30 Path Info  ?
31 World Location (Shows the global position of character) Y
32 MemInfo N
33 Game Time Stats & Global Location (Displays the time, current date [in the game], a Gregorian day name, gameplay time, and other various useful tidbits of information.) Y