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Oblivion:Script Effect

Oblivion: Magic: Magical Effects
OB-icon-Burden.png Script Effect
School Alteration
Type Other
Effect ID SEFF
Base Cost 0
Barter Factor 0
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Script Effect

Executes a script when the effect is applied and removed, and every frame while it is active. This effect is only used on very specific items, where the desired effect cannot be achieved through standard spell effects alone. This effect itself cannot be gained for spell making, enchanting, or alchemy. It is, however, possible to create special effect potions and poisons that have individual script effects from the ingredients used to create them.

Spells with Scripted EffectsEdit

Items with Scripted EffectsEdit


  • Script Effect is considered an Alteration effect, and thus uses Alteration spell visual and sound effects. The skill does not affect any spells with this effect.
  • Script Effect uses the icon for the Burden effect. As a result, any spells with both a scripted effect and a standard spell effect will use this icon instead of an appropriate icon that represents its effect.
  • As Script Effect spells cannot use different icons, unique icons for Manipulate Weather, Sheogorath's Protection, and Summon Haskill go unused despite existing in the game files.

Alchemy IngredientsEdit

The following Alchemy Ingredients have script effects: