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Oblivion:S'krivva's House

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S'krivva's House
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S'krivva's House

S'krivva's House is located in the north of Bravil, just inside the city gates. It belongs to S'krivva, a Doyen of the Thieves Guild. It is a ground floor house visible just to the right as you enter the city. City Swimmer's House is located above it.


The ground floor holds a huge amount of lower-class foodstuffs such as apples and bread, with even more food in the two barrels. Eight non-respawning clutter sacks and an open Grain Sack can also be found here. Between S'krivva's favorite reading spot and the fireplace sits a locked chest with a chance of up to three pieces of lower-level equipment. The upstairs area contains her bed and another locked chest with gold and/or silverware. On the shelves at the foot of the bed sits the Acrobatics skill book Thief.

Gellius Terentius possesses a key to the house and will seek out S'krivva here every Loredas at 12pm for an apparent drug deal before heading to the Skooma Den for the rest of the day.

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