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OB-icon-Rally.png Rally
School Illusion
Type Offensive
Effect ID RALY
Base Cost 0.03
Barter Factor 0
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Rally M points for D seconds

Increase target's Confidence (willingness to attack). Fleeing NPCs will stop running and return to combat.


  • This effect can be gained for spell making and enchanting via spells only.
  • This spell works on NPCs who are fleeing to call the guards.
  • Rally is an excellent spell for stopping a mortally wounded enemy from fleeing. Necromancers are especially adept at running away. This spell can also be used on deer to force them to fight you instead of running away. This is useful if you play a melee fighter and wish to fight the deer with melee weapons to train your melee combat skills and also to take their venison which is useful for making restore health potions. Note that if the deer detects you before you hit them with this spell, they may continue to flee from you even under the effect of this spell but if you can catch up with them and come close enough to them, they will turn around and attack you.
  • Use this in conjunction with Frenzy and they will attack nearby targets in a heartbeat. If they attack you, you can kill them with no bounty on your head.

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