Oblivion:Radiant Conversations


Alongside daily schedules and extensive scripting for every NPC, the Radiant Conversations system also exists. Intended to create seamless conversation by randomly selecting small snippets of dialogue between characters, the endearing clunkiness of the system has become one of the staple quirks of Oblivion.

This lists the dialogue regarding the different regions within the game.


Dialogue Possible Responses
"Sounds like the Empire has given up on stopping the skooma trade in Elsweyr, and I hear tribal chiefs are supporting the Renrijra Krin." "That skooma trade is bad business, and the Renrijra Krin are just a bunch of thugs."
"The skooma trade is making a lot of money for the tribes in Elsweyr, and a lot of that is going to the Renrijra Krin." "If the Empire isn't going to stop the skooma trade, who will?"
Summerset Isles
"They say that syndicates of wizards have led a boycott of Imperial goods in the land of the Altmer." "It seems Summerset Isle has become a much more dangerous place."
"I hear Daedra worship has become increasingly prevalent in the Summerset Isle." "The Altmer have powerful wizards. It could be a dangerous situation."
"They say that slavery has been abolished in Morrowind. House Dres and Hlaalu have renounced the slave trade, and freed the beastfolk from servitude." "It seems that these are turbulent times in the land of the Dunmer."
"I've heard that the Great Houses of Morrowind are in upheaval. Indoril is in ruins, and Redoran is besieged by the Nords of Skyrim." "It is not surprising, considering Morrowind's violent past. We can only hope the troubles subside quickly."
"They say that King Helseth has made an alliance with House Dres. Together they pick apart the carcass of ruined Indoril."
"Many are dead in the land of the Dunmer. Even St. Jiub, who drove the cliffracers from Vvardenfell, has fallen to the daedra hordes."
"Rumor has it the Nerevarine has left Morrowind on an expedition to Akavir, and has not been heard from since."
Black Marsh
"I hear the Legions have been recalled from Fort Swampmoth in Black Marsh, and many of the Argonian slaves have returned to their tribes." "The land of the Argonians is a strange place indeed."
"Many of the Argonians say they have been called back to Black Marsh. They disappear into the swamps and are never seen again." "I've heard many stories of Black Marsh. It sounds like a truly mysterious place."
"Black Marsh has become more dangerous than ever. Many settlers have been lost, and most non-Argonians have left in fear." "I have heard Argonia is a strange and treacherous place. It is no wonder odd things are happening there."
"I have heard that the Nords of Skyrim have been warring with the Redoran of Morrowind." "More fighting for the Nords? This is sad news."
"I have heard that Nord warriors have travelled from Skyrim with Orc mercenaries to assault the Redoran of Morrowind." The Nords have been protective of their territory. It is no wonder they get involved in these disputes."
"There are rumors that the Nords are attempting to capture the whole of Solstheim, and remove the Imperial fort on the island." "I'm not surprised. It seems that Skyrim is always involved in a border dispute."