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Quest items are items needed to complete a specific quest; usually they have to be given up when the quest has been completed although some may be kept as a reward or part of a reward. A Quest Item cannot be dropped or sold; it will remain in your inventory till a quest removes it for you. Some Quest Items will remain in your inventory forever unless you remove them through the console. In appearance they are usually identical to the generic items they are based on. They are only distinguished from generic items by their name, the fact that they will not stack in your inventory with generic items, or because they have an enchantment. This list does not include items given as rewards for completing a quest, although some items may be kept as rewards after some quests. Quest rewards are listed on the related quest page at the top.

For Quest Items introduced by the Shivering Isles expansion pack, see this page.


Armor Type         Enchantment Notes
   Agronak's Raiment
Heavy Raiment 72 1000 100 20 Fortify Personality 10 pts
Fortify Athletics 10 pts
Fortify Health 10 pts
Fortify Fatigue 10 pts
A Raiment occupies many slots, with a Raiment equipped you may equip a Helmet, Shield and any assortment of Jewelry.
  Ancient Elven Helm
Light Helmet 0 440 0 4 None Found in Vahtacen
  Armor of Tiber Septim
Heavy Cuirass 40 900 190 11.25 None Found in Sancre Tor
  Ayleid Crown of Lindai
Light Helmet 1 400 8350 0 Fortify Alteration 15 pts
Fortify Illusion 15 pts
Resist Magic 35%
For more information see this item's page
  Ayleid Crown of Nenalata
Light Helmet 1 344 13100 0 Fortify Alteration 15 pts
Fortify Conjuration 15 pts
Reflect Spell 25%
For more information see this item's page
  Bands of the Chosen
Light Bracers* 2 50 0 1.0 Weakness to Fire 50% You acquire the Bands of the Chosen from Kathutet during the Paradise quest, you must equip the bracers to enter the Forbidden Grotto to continue. The bracers lock around your wrists and cannot be removed, except with Eldamil's assistance.

See the quest page for bugs related to this item.

  Bloodworm Helm
Light Helmet 5 150 1255 4.5 Fortify Conjuration 12 pts Obtained through the Mages Guild questline, must be given up at the end of the quest and cannot be retrieved afterwards.
  Broken Shield
Light Shield 20 10 2 0 None A broken Blackwood Shield, found in Nonwyll Cavern during The Master's Son quest.

* This item is actually a Bracer rather than a Gauntlet but since they are worn in the same slot they are, effectively, the same.


Name Type       Speed Reach   Charge / Cost = Uses Effects Notes
  Arrow of Extrication
Arrow 0.2 N/A 1 N/A N/A 1 N/A N/A Given to you by The Gray Fox during The Ultimate Heist quest.
  Blade of Woe
Dagger 4 400 13511 1.4 0.6 7 32640/1088=30 Demoralize up to level 10
Damage Willpower 35 pts
Damage Health 35 pts
Damage Magicka 35 pts
All Statistics for the Level 30+ Version. First given to you, unenchanted, by Lucien Lachance during the A Knife in the Dark quest. It becomes enchanted during Honor Thy Mother. See this page for the Leveled Statistics.
  Broken Sword
Sword 28 0 2 1 1 0 N/A N/A Not found in game, the editor ID (FGD03BWCBlade) suggests that it was indented to for The Master's Son quest. It is one of the items deliberately not duplicated during the Shivering Isles quest Symbols of Office.
  Enchanted Dagger
Dagger 5 350 40 1.4 0.6 9 N/A Scripted Effect - Bleed Given to you by Melisande during the Vampire Cure quest.
  Honorblade of Chorrol
Sword 0 610 1000 1 1 23 N/A N/A Found on the Corpse of Ogre Chieftain in Redguard Valley Cave during Sins of the Father quest.
  Hrormir's Icestaff
Stave 12 30 1239 N/A N/A N/A 1000/97=10 Frost Damage 10 pts in 30 ft on Target
Light 30 ft for 30 secs on Target
Chameleon 1% for 30 secs on Target
Stolen by you during the Misdirection quest. This must then be given up during the quest. Another version with identical statistics but a different ID number is obtainable after the quest.
  Languorwine Blade
Dagger 5 500 5 1.4 0.6 2 N/A N/A Given to you by Vicente Valtieri at the start of The Assassinated Man quest to "assassinate" Francois Motierre.
  Mages Staff
Stave 0 100 192 N/A N/A N/A 350/5=70 Charm 10 pts for 10 secs You are required to retrieve this staff during the Bravil Recommendation quest. This staff is the same as the Mages Staff created for you, but this version has more charges: 70 instead of 40 (in most cases).
Mace 43 672 4517 0.9 2 24 3240/54=60 Shock Damage 20 pts
Weakness to Shock 35% for 20 secs
Found during the When the Vow Breaks. All Statistics are for the Level 25+ Version. The first ID is the Quest Item, and therefore this weighs nothing. After the quest you gain the second ID. See this page for the Leveled Statistics.
  Rohssan's Cutlass
Sword 25 40 90 1 1 10 N/A N/A Found in A Fighting Chance during the May the Best Thief Win quest.
  Staff of the Everscamp
Stave 12 30 0 N/A N/A N/A N/A Summons 4 Permanent Everscamp
Damage Speed 20 pts to staffs bearer
Given to you by Rosentia Gallenus during the Whom Gods Annoy quest. See this page for more information.
  Steel Bow
Bow 5 100 10 N/A N/A 9 N/A N/A Given to you by Burz gro-Khash during The Desolate Mine quest.
  Steel Longsword
Sword 5 100 45 1 1 12 N/A N/A Given to you by Burz gro-Khash during The Desolate Mine quest.
  Steel Warhammer
Warhammer 5 60 50 0.7 1.3 16 N/A N/A Given to you by Burz gro-Khash during The Desolate Mine quest.
Sword 45 700 5508 1 1 28 2500/20=125 Soul Trap 120 secs Found on the NPC called Umbra during the Clavicus Vile Daedric quest.
  Unfinished Staff
Stave 0 900 50 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Found in a chest on Wellspring Grove during the A Mage's Staff quest. Used to create your own Staff.

Clothing and JewelryEdit

Name     Notes
  Ahdarji's Ring
0.2 150 Found in Countess Alessia Caro's jewelry box in Castle Leyawiin. It is the target of the Thieves Guild quest Ahdarji's Heirloom.
  Amulet of Kings
0 1000 Given to you by Uriel Septim VII during the Tutorial.
  Arnora's Amulet
0.5 35 Arnora wears this one. See the Two Sides of the Coin quest.
  Arnora's True Amulet
0.5 150 Arnora keeps this one hidden in her house. See the Two Sides of the Coin quest.
  Blackheart's Ring
1.0 5 Worn by Azani Blackheart during the Azani Blackheart quest. It is needed to complete that quest.
   Boots of Springheel Jak
1.5 5400 Enchantment - Fortify Acrobatics 50 pts
You are required to find these during the Boots of Springheel Jak quest. You must give them back at the end of the quest, but you will get them back further down the questline.
  If your character is bugged to permanently have the enchantment, this effect can be removed with the console command player.dispel 000055AD where 000055AD is the FormID of the Fortify Acrobatics effect on the item. The boots can then be removed with player.removeitem 000148D4 1 and re-added with player.additem 000148D4 1. This will effectively bypass the bug and allow you to equip and unequip the boots normally.
  Colovian Signet Ring
1.0 200 Worn by Ormellius Goldwine, the Late Count of Kvatch. You find this on his body during The Battle for Castle Kvatch quest.
  Draconian Madstone
0 2000 Enchantment - Resist Disease 50%, Resist Poison 50%
Found during the course of Lifting the Vale where this amulet is the main objective of the quest. If you then steal it back out of its display case it now Weighs - 1 and has a Value of - 3000. See this page for more information.
  Dreamworld Amulet
1.0 1000 The first version is worn by Henantier. The second one has a Silence enchantment on it and is handed over at the start of the Through A Nightmare, Darkly quest to continue into the Dreamworld.
  Indarys Signet Ring
0.1 150

Worn by Farwil Indarys. You can find this ring on his body if he dies during The Wayward Knight quest.

  Jade Amulet
0 35 Retrieved from the Goblin Netherboss in Exhausted Mine during the Revenge Served Cold quest.
  Kylius Lonavo's Ring
0 30 Found on the body of Kylius Lonavo during the Raid on Greyland quest. Must be handed over to Lerexus Callidus to complete the quest.
  Manduin's Amulet
0.4 100 Also known as the 'Seer's Stone', found in Manduin's coffin during the Leyawiin Recommendation quest. Manduin was Dagail's father. See the Leyawiin Recommendation quest page for more details.
  Mundane Amulet
0.5 3 Found in a chest in Boreal Stone Cave during the A Brotherhood Betrayed quest.
  Necromancer's Amulet
0.4 0 Multiple Enchantments - See here for details
Found on Caranya during The Necromancer's Amulet quest. It is an artifact although it can be worn the same as any other amulet.
  Ring of the Vipereye
0.3 3600 Enchantments - Fortify Agility - 10 pts, Resist Magic 15%
Found during the Lifting the Vale quest. It is kept after the quest as the reward, although it is still marked as a quest item. All Statistics for the Level 25+ version, see this page for the leveled statistics and more information.
  Wedding Ring
0.2 200 Given to you by The Gray Fox during The Ultimate Heist quest.

Miscellaneous ItemsEdit

Name     Notes
  Agarmir's Shovel
3.0 0 Found in the Trentius Family Mausoleum in the Imperial City.
Needed as proof of Agarmir's guilt in the Unfriendly Competition quest.
  Ashes of Hindaril
0.2 50 Are found only by killing Hindaril. See this page for more information.
  Black Soul Gem
0 0 Found in Falcar's room in the basement of the Cheydinhal Mages Guild during the Cheydinhal Recommendation quest. Although a 'Black Soul Gem' it is really on a Grand Soul Gem. It has a capacity of 1600 but cannot be used to trap NPC Souls. Using this Soul Gem is not recommended, as they are not accepted for the quest with souls in them. Without Console Commands this breaks the Mages Guild questline.
  Brush of Truepaint
1.0 0 You need to find this to escape the Painted World in the Brush with Death quest in Cheydinhal.
Its bristles were purportedly woven from Dibella's hair, so it is technically an Aedric artifact.
  Carved Panel
0 0 Found in Malada during the Nothing You Can Possess quest.
  Colossal Black Soul Gem
0 0 A critical item during the last few Mages Guild quests.
  Crystal Ball
2.0 0 This item is added to Irlav Jarol's inventory at the end of the quest Vahtacen's Secret, when you give the Ancient Elven Helm back to him. The purpose of this is unknown.
  Element of Courage
1.0 0 You need these four tokens to help Henantier escape from the dream world in the Through A Nightmare, Darkly quest in Bravil.
  Element of Patience
1.0 0
  Element of Perception
1.0 0
  Element of Resolve
1.0 0
  Eye of Nocturnal
0 0 Find and return this item during Nocturnal's shrine quest.
  Filled Colossal Black Soul Gem
0 0 You will retrieve this gem during the Mages Guild quest Ambush and then it protects you during Confront the King. It is permanently tagged as a quest object so you can only remove it by writing SetQuestObject 00007E9D 0 into the console.(  This bug is fixed by the Unofficial Oblivion Patch.)
  Garridan's Tear
You need to find five of them in the Frostfire Glade during the Tears of the Savior quest.
  Great Sigil Stone
0 0 Critical item needed for the Main Quest.
  Great Welkynd Stone
7.0 0 An Ayleid artifact needed for the Main Quest.
  Hermaeus Mora's Soul Gem
4.5 4 A special soul gem used in Hermaeus Mora's daedric quest.
  Key-Shaped Arrowhead
0.1 350 Found in the Thieves Guild quest, The Arrow of Extrication on the top floor of Fathis Aren's Tower
  Languorwine Antidote
0 0 Used during the Dark Brotherhood quest The Assassinated Man.
  Llathasa's Bust
8.0 200 The object of interest in a Thieves Guild quest, The Elven Maiden.
  Loose Pipe
0 0 Found during the Fighters Guild quest The Hist.
  Olroy Cheese
0 0 One of several cheeses found at the inn in Border Watch. This one attracts rats to plague the town during the Sheogorath Daedric Shrine quest.
  Orb of Vaermina
0 0 Found in Arkved's Tower during the Vaermina Daedric Shrine quest.
  Rolled Up Portrait
5.0 1 This is the stolen painting you are tasked to find during the Chorrol quest Canvas the Castle.
  Savilla's Stone
10.0 0 Found in the Temple of the Ancestor Moths during the Thieves Guild quest Turning a Blind Eye.
  Skeletal Hand
3.0 0 Found in the Benirus Manor in Anvil during the Where Spirits Have Lease quest.
  Statuette of a Dog
0 0 Received during the Clavicus Vile shrine quest.
  Stone of St. Alessia
0 0 Retrieved during the Fighters Guild quest the Stone of St. Alessia.
  Vampirism Cure Potion
1.0 500 One of two potions you obtain at the end of the Vampire Cure quest.
  Varulae's Crystal Ball
1.0 3 Found on board the Serpent's Wake in Anvil during The Ghost Ship of Anvil quest.

Books and NotesEdit

Books that are used in a quest and are marked as Quest Items in Oblivion, these are either used as references sources of information. This also includes books that you return at the end of a quest.

Name     Notes
  Akaviri Diary Translation
0 0.2 Handed over by Countess Narina Carvain during the Lifting the Vale quest.
  Akaviri Orders
Found near the body of a dead soldier in the Serpent's Trail cavern during the Lifting the Vale.
  Amantius Allectus' Diary
2 100 Found in Amantius Allectus' house.
  Ayleid Reference Text
1 10 See this page for the full text and information on where to find two copies.
  A Bloody Journal
1 0 Found on the body of Viranus Donton during The Master's Son quest.
  Brenus Astis' Journal
1 0 Found In Fallen Rock Cave during the Unfinished Business quest, the Journal is marked with a Quest Marker during the associated quest.
  Draconis Gift List
1 0 Given to you by Perennia Draconis during the Next of Kin quest.
  Earana's Notes
1 1 Given to you by Earana during the Fingers of the Mountain quest.
  Elder Scroll
0.1 0 Given to you by a Blind Moth Priest during The Ultimate Heist quest, must be handed over at the end of the quest.
  Fingers of the Mountain
2 0 This book is wanted by two people during the Fingers of the Mountain quest.
  Forged List of Candidates
0.1 0 Given to you by a Stranger during the Taking Care of Lex quest.
  Gelebourne's Journal
0.5 0 Found in a room in Olav's Tap and Tack during the A Brotherhood Betrayed quest.
  Grantham Blakeley's Map
0.5 0 Found on the Floor of the Lower deck in the Emma May (the Emma May is located at The Mouth of the Panther ) during The Forlorn Watchman quest.
  Handwritten Note
0 0 Found on a Worm Anchorite during the Necromancer's Moon quest.
  Handwritten Note
0 0 Given to you by S'Krivva to deliver to J'baana during the Security Training quest.
  Instructions: the Gray Cowl
1 30 Found in a chest in the last zone of Temple of the Ancestor Moths which you visit during the Turning a Blind Eye quest.
  Jearl's Orders
0.1 0 Found on a table in Jearl's house during the Main Quest.
  Journal of the Lord Lovidicus
5 35 Found on a table at Crowhaven during the Origin of the Gray Prince quest.
1 25 Can be purchased from First Edition during the Tears of the Savior quest. Reading this Book adds a map marker for Frostfire Cave.
  List of Candidates
0.1 0 You are in instructed to steal this list of the desk of Dairihill in Anvil Castle, during the Taking Care of Lex quest.
  Lithnilian's Research Notes
1 0 Found in Bramblepoint Cave during the No Stone Unturned quest.
  Log of the Emma May
2 5 Located on the wrecked ship the Emma May during the Forlorn Watchman quest.
  Lost Histories of Tamriel
1 50 Found under a bush in Skingrad during the Lost Histories quest. Another copy is later found in a bookcase in Dareloth's House.
  Love Letter from Relfina
0.1 0 Found on a table in Roland Jenseric's house during the Order of the Virtuous Blood quest.
  Macabre Manifest
1 0 Found in the basement of Agarmir during the Unfriendly Competition quest.
  Manual of Spellcraft
2 3 The quest version of this book is on the desk of Jeanne Frasoric in the Bruma Mages Guild; you must return it during Bruma Recommendation quest.
  Mysterium Xarxes
0 0 See the item page for where to find the two copies. A copy is needed for the Dagon Shrine quest.
  Mystic Dawn Commentaries 3
5 80 See the item page of where to find a copy. A copy is needed for the Path of Dawn part of the Main Quest
  Mystic Dawn Commentaries 4
5 100 Acquired from Raven Camoran. Needed for the Path of the Dawn part of Main Quest
  Necromancer's Moon
3 5 Found in the Mystic Archives of the Arcane University during the Necromancer's Moon quest.
  Oghma Infinium
0 0 Given to you at the end of Hermaeus Mora's Daedric quest. This book increases two Attributes and three Skills permanently.
  Plan for the Big Heist
0.1 0 Given to you by the Gray Fox at the start The Ultimate Heist quest.
  Reverse Invisibility
0 0 Given to you by Ancotar during the Zero Visibility quest. This is a magical scroll rather than a scroll that you may read. If spawned with the console it will have a value of 0.5 gold.
  Scrap from Lorgren's Diary
0.1 0 In a broken jar during the Where Spirits Have Lease quest.
  Sealed Forged List of Candidates
0.1 0 Generated by sealing the Forged List of Candidates during the Taking Care of Lex quest.
  Suspicious Letter
0.2 0 Found in Ulrich Leland's office during the Corruption and Conscience quest.
  Transfer Orders
0 0 Handed to you by Countess Millona Umbranox during the Taking Care of Lex quest. Another copy is obtainable in the Thieves Guild HQ once that questline is completed.
  Waterfront Tax Records
0.1 0 First Copy (first ID) found in Hieronymus Lex's quarters in the South Watchtower during the Untaxing the Poor quest. The Second Copy (second ID) cannot be found, it should have been found in the Thieves Guild HQ. You can instead find a second copy of the first ID.


Keys that are used in a quest and are marked as Quest Items in Oblivion. Abbreviations in superscript give additional information about people, keys or locks:

  • KR (Lock property): The lock is not pickable with a lockpick. You will need the actual key to open this lock.
  • CR (Lock property): Opening this lock is a crime, even if you possess the key for it.
  • EG (Lock property): Being detected while opening this lock may get you kicked out of a guild.
  • RI (Key property): The key is removed from your inventory after its associated quest is completed.
  • NP (Found property): You cannot pickpocket this key, you must receive it through dialogue with the person.
  • UOP :   This bug is fixed by the Unofficial Oblivion Patch.
Name Found Opens
Agronak's Mysterious Key
Given by Agronak gro-Malog during the Origin of the Gray Prince quest. NP Door to Lord Lovidicus' Parlor in Crowhaven KR
Akaviri Fort Key
Given by Countess Narina Carvain during the Lifting the Vale quest nothing UOP
Arnora's Chest Key
Given by Arnora Auria during Two Sides of the Coin quest, found on Arnora's body. NP Chest in bedroom of Arnora's House in Bruma KR
Baurus' Key
Given by Baurus after selecting your Class NP Door leading to the Imperial Prison Sewer
Benirus Manor Key
Given by Velwyn Benirus upon purchasing Benirus Manor NP Benirus Manor in Anvil and the Basement KR
Blackwood Co. Basement Key
Ri'Zakar Door to Blackwood Company Basement in Leyawiin KR
Bradon's Key
Raynil Dralas Chest in Boreal Stone Cave, also needs Gelebourne's Key and Raynil's Key KR
Chorrol Castle Private Area RI
Bittneld the Curse-Bringer, Chanel, Countess Arriana Valga, Laythe Wavrick, Orgnolf Hairy-Legs, Orok gro-Ghoth, given by Countess Arriana Valga during the Canvas the Castle quest. Most doors in Castle Chorrol
Echo Cave Key
Bolor Savel Entrance to Echo Cave KR
Falcar's Key
Falcar Door to Falcar's room in the Mages Guild Basement in Cheydinhal
First Hunter's Run Key
Kurdan's Imperial Hunter in The Hunter's Run, Fort Grief Door to The Hunter's Abyss
Fort Blueblood Key
Marauder Warlord in Fort Blueblood Two doors in Fort Blueblood
Fort Grief Door Key
Kurdan's Orc Hunter in The Hunter's Abyss, Fort Grief nothing
Fort Grief Real Key
Kurdan gro-Dragol Gate door inside The Hunter's Abyss, Fort Grief
Gelebourne's Key
Raynil Dralas Chest in Boreal Stone Cave, also needs Bradon's Key and Raynil's Key KR
High Fane Key RI
Given by Umbacano when you start the Nothing You Can Possess quest, Claude Maric Unique gate in Malada KR
Imbel Family Crypt Key
Given by Jakben, Earl of Imbel during the Boots of Springheel Jak quest NP Door to Catacombs in Jakben Imbel's House in the Talos Plaza District, Imperial City KR, CR
Imperial City Sewers Key
Given by Vicente Valtieri during the Scheduled for Execution quest NP Door to the Imperial Prison Sewer KR
Imperial Sewer Key
Given by the Gray Fox during The Ultimate Heist, on a table in The Palace Sewers A gate in Beneath the Bloodworks leading to The Palace Sewers KR
Jeetum Ze's Room Key
Ja'Fazir Jeetum-Ze's Room in the Blackwood Company Hall in Leyawiin KR
Kalthar's Key
Kalthar Doors to Dagail's father's coffin in Fort Blueblood Halls KR
Kvatch Guard House Key
Berich Inian nothing
Lindai's Royal Tomb Key RI
Given by Herminia Cinna NP Door to Ayleid Crown of Lindai in Lindia Inner Tombs KR
Mages Guild Key
Alberic Litte, Angalmo, Athragar, Jeanne Frasoric, J'skar, Selena Orania, Teekeeus, Volanaro, given to you by a guild master when you Join the Mages Guild Doors to the Basements and Upper Quarters of the Mages Guilds in Anvil, Bravil, Bruma, Cheydinhal, Chorrol, Leyawiin and Skingrad KR
Medrike's Key
nowhere nothing
Ormil's Cabin Key RI
Wrath Ormil's Cabin aboard The Bloated Float KR
Orthe's Key
Orthe, The Forbidden in The Forbidden Grotto Gate in The Forbidden Grotto KR
Raynil's Key
Raynil Dralas Chest in Boreal Stone Cave, also needs Bradon's Key and Gelebourne's Key KR
Raynil's Room Key
Olav, also given by him during A Brotherhood Betrayed Raynil Dralas' room in Olav's Tap and Tack in Bruma
Ri'Zakar's Room Key
Jeetum-Ze after starting The Hist Ri'Zakar's Room in the Blackwood Company Hall in Leyawiin KR
Ritual Key
nowhere nothing
Rythe's Studio Key RI
Given by Tivela Lythandas during A Brush with Death NP Allows unlimited access to Rythe's Studio KR
Sancre Tor Key RI
Given by Jauffre after starting the Blood of the Divines quest NP Door to Sancre Tor KR
Sanctuary Well Key
Given to you when you reach Eliminator rank in the Dark Brotherhood NP Well entrance to the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary KR
Second Hunter's Run Key
Kurdan's Nord Hunter in Fort Grief Door in Fort Grief KR
Serpent's Wake Key
Given by Varulae when starting The Ghost Ship of Anvil, Dead Captain or Crewmembers aboard the Serpent's Wake in Anvil Door to the Serpent's Wake interior in Anvil KR
Shrine of Dagon Key
Doorkeeper, Harrow Door in Lake Arrius Caverns and a door the Shrine Antechamber KR
Sigil Keep Key
Dremora Sigil Keeper in the Kvatch Oblivion World Several doors in The Blood Feast KR
Small Key
Gable the Traitor Door aboard the Emma May Lower Deck and shackles of the Shackled Skeleton KR
Southern Books Key
nowhere nothing
Storage Room KeyRI
Lynch Door on The Bloated Float Inn Deck in the Waterfront District, Imperial City KR
Summitmist Manor Key
Given by Fafnir during the Whodunit? quest NP Summitmist Manor in Skingrad KR
Top Deck KeyRI
Minx Doors to Bloated Float on sea KR
Trentius Mausoleum Key
Agarmir during the Unfriendly Competition quest Door to Trentius Family Mausoleum on the Green Emperor Way, Imperial City KR
Ulrich Leland's KeyRI
Ulrich Leland, given by Garrus Darelliun during the Corruption and Conscience quest Door to Ulrich's office in the Cheydinhal Castle Guard Barracks
Vahtacen Ruins Key
Given by Irlav Jarol during the Vahtacen's Secret quest NP Gate door in Vahtacen KR
Waterfront Sewers Key
nowhere nothing
Well Key
Given by Deetsan during the Cheydinhal Recommendation quest NP Mages Guild Well in Cheydinhal KR
Wellspring Cave Key
On Zahrasha's body Exit from Wellspring Cave to Wellspring Grove island KR


This table provides a comprehensive list of all alchemic ingredients used in quests in Oblivion, their effects, and their roles within their related quest.

Ingredient Name (ID) Primary Effect Secondary Effect Tertiary Effect Quaternary Effect    
Ashes of Hindaril
Silence Resist Disease Frost Damage Invisibility 4 0.1
Collected from the corpse of Hindaril in Redwater Slough. Its properties are the same as regular Vampire Dust. Needed for the Vampire Cure
Jumbo Potato
Restore Fatigue Shield Burden Frost Shield 1 0
Collected from the corpse of a unique Ogre near Faregyl Inn. Its properties are the same as regular Potatoes. Return them to S'jirra to get her famous potato bread during The Potato Snatcher quest. There are six potatoes, but S'Jirra reclaims all of them.
Refined Frost Salts
Frost Damage Frost Shield Resist Fire Silence 40 0.1
Only available after the start of the Tears of the Savior quest. And only in limited quantities, 6 are available. All of which are marked as a Quest Item until after the related quest.
Rumare Slaughterfish Scales
Damage Willpower Water Breathing Damage Health Water Walking 2 0
Collected from the corpses of Rumare Slaughterfish, which are found in Lake Rumare east of Weye. You need to give Aelwin Merowald in Weye twelve samples to receive your reward for the Go Fish quest. Its attributes are the same as regular Scales.
Unicorn Horn
Fortify Health None None None 0 1.5
Collected from the corpse of the Unicorn, a unique creature found in Harcane Grove. It is needed for Hircine's quest.


  • The weights displayed only come into effect if the item is not marked as a quest item. Otherwise, all quest items have a weight of 0.
  • All values are given for the highest version of leveled items.