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Oblivion:Pennus Mallius' House

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Pennus Mallius' House
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# of Zones 3
Console Location Code(s)
ICTempleDistrictPennusMalliusHouse, ICTempleDistrictPennusMalliusBasement, ICTempleDistrictPennusMalliusHouseUpstairs
Imperial City, Temple District
Pennus Mallius' House

Pennus Mallius' House is a home in the Temple District of the Imperial City. The house itself is situated in the northern end of the district, behind Surius Afranius' house.

It is the sole residence of Pennus Mallius, and it contains three zones: Pennus Mallius' House, Pennus Mallius' Private Quarters, and Pennus Mallius' Basement.


Pennus Mallius

Pennus Mallius' HouseEdit

Inside of Pennus' house

Upon entering, a chest near the front door holds clutter with a non-respawning clutter sack on top of it. The table on the southwest wall holds two bottles of mead and two bottles of cheap wine, and another cheap wine and four mead bottles sit underneath it. In the south corner sits a food cupboard and a set of shelves that hold three tomatoes, two ears of corn, two potatoes, two pumpkins, and a piece of venison. A watermelon lies on the floor next to the cupboard, and a bottle of cheap wine sits on the table in front of the shelves. A chest of drawers on the northeast wall beside the stairs holds more clutter.

Pennus Mallius' Private QuartersEdit

Pennus' private quarters

A non-respawning chest that can contain gold and/or jewelry sits on a low table at the foot of the double bed next to the door. The west corner is set with an easel, canvases, and painting tools. A non-respawning clutter sack sits on the southwest wall, and the south corner is set as a small dining area with a table that holds two cheese wedges, a loaf of bread, and three bottles of beer. A non-respawning chest that sits on the floor behind the table can hold armor and weapons. Twenty-eight bottles of cheap wine rest in a wine rack on the southeast wall, and in the east corner sits a desk and two barrels that hold clutter.

Pennus Mallius' BasementEdit

The basement

The stairway down into the basement holds on the first landing a non-respawning clutter sack and a wine rack that holds eleven bottles of Tamika's West Weald Wine, two bottles of cheap wine, and a bottle of Surilie Brothers Vintage 399. On the basement level, another wine rack in the north corner holds nine bottles of cheap wine and four bottles of Tamika's West Weald Wine. In the west corner sits a barrel and another non-respawning sack, both containing clutter. On the southwest wall sit another barrel and sack, with grains in this sack. Neither of the two chests in the south corner respawn; one can hold gold and jewelry, the other armor and weapons. A wine rack in the east corner holds thirteen bottles of Tamika's West Weald Wine, and a final non-respawning clutter sack sits against the northeast wall.


  • The key to this location is carried by Pennus.