Oblivion:Painted World

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Painted World
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# of Zones 1
6 Painted Trolls
1 Dead Bosmer Thief
Console Location Code(s)
MS14 World,
Dark Forest01 through to 09.
A View from the center of the Painted World

The Painted World is a world created by the Brush of Truepaint (quest-related).

This is a world accessible through a painting in Rythe Lythandas' house. The Painted World was created by Rythe with his Brush of Truepaint, which makes the appearance of the painting life-like. Recently, a Bosmer Thief stole the Brush of Truepaint and entered the Painted World. Once there he painted six Painted Trolls to defend him. Unfortunately the painted trolls turned on their creator and killed him. The painted trolls must be killed, or avoided (in which case you may still have to kill two of them), in order to exit from the Painted World. The only escape is through the use of a portal painted by Rythe once the 'danger' has been dealt with.

The Brush of Truepaint makes all the items it paints appear life-like, so much so that they can create another world, this is said to be because the brush is woven with Dibella's hair. Rythe also voices concern over the brush and the consequences of its use. Rythe explains how a thief stole the Brush and used it on his painting. The concern over the use of the Brush is proven right, when you arrive in the Painted World you see a number of trolls and a dead body, matching the description of the thief.

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  • Rythe is found in Dark Forest06, while the Bosmer Thief is found at Dark Forest09. The Trolls can be found in any of the Dark Forest cells.
  • The Bosmer Thief is actually an Altmer.