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(RefID: 0003CD1F)
Location Forbidden Grotto, Paradise
Race Dremora Gender Male
Level PC+5 Class Dremora
RefID 0003CD1F BaseID 0003CD1B
Other Information
Health 50 + (5+1.8)x(PC+4), PC=1-16
Magicka 163 + 3.5x(PC+4) (max=250)
Responsibility 0 Aggression 30
Follower Paradise
Faction(s) All the dremora guards and torturers

Orthe is a Dremora Kynreeve in Paradise Grotto, in Mankar Camoran's Paradise, where he oversees the torture of Ascended Immortals who began to question their master's ideals. Orthe seems to despise his position there, and, like all Dremora, looks down upon his mortal charges. It seems that Orthe has a lovely lava cage for visitors. He isn't the only pain dealer in the cave; along with him there are his two Dremora fellows, Ranyu and Amkaos.

Orthe wears Dremora Kynreeve boots, greaves, and cuirass. He wields a Dremora Claymore in combat. Besides several leveled potions he carries his key to a gate in the Forbidden Grotto. As a Dremora, Orthe possesses the relevant abilities.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

If you agree to let Eldamil's assist you escape the Forbidden Grotto, Orthe will enter the chamber and question the reason for you being in the Forbidden Grotto:

Orthe: "What's going on here? Who's this?"
Eldamil: "A prisoner, sent in by ..."
Orthe: "Show me some respect, worm! Unless you want to end up in the cages with them."
Eldamil: " ... Yes, kynreeve. Sir. This prisoner was sent in by Kathutet for questioning. I was about to begin."
Orthe: "This is not one of Mankar Camoran's chattels from the Garden. Who is he/she?"
Eldamil: "Nothing escapes your vigilance, kynreeve. Kathutet wondered as well. This is why he sent him/her for questioning."
Orthe: "Well ... carry on."
Eldamil: "Of course, kynreeve."


  • Orthe also appears in Blades.