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Oblivion:Ohtimbar's House

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Ohtimbar's House
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Ohtimbar's House

Ohtimbar's House is located in southeastern Cheydinhal, next door to Ganredhel's house.



Othimbar's HouseEdit

Ohtimbar's HouseEdit

The first floor
The second floor

Going through the entryway, the living area is spacious and well provisioned. Two open grain sacks are just inside the room to the right. The dining table serves five apples, four leeks, three ears of corn, and a tomato. A small storage area is just to the west of the table. However, the barrels and unlocked chest hold only clutter. Across the room, in front of the fire place a locked chest serves as a table. On it is a copy of Manual of Arms. The chest contains gold, jewelry, and clutter, while a second locked chest at the foot of the stairs contains only clutter.

The bedroom

A sitting area is arranged on the second floor landing. A table holds a bottle of Tamika's West Weald wine and a bottle of cheap wine. A second table holds two more bottles of Tamika's and a bowl with four blackberries. The two cupboards contain food in one and drinks in the other. Another clutter sack sits next to the bookshelf. In the bedroom, next to the single bed, is an chest with weapons and armor. The rest of the suite containers hold clothing. Three common soul gems filled with lesser souls sit on top of the chest of drawers, and two pairs of shoes sit beside it; a pair of russet felt shoes and a pair of thick cowhide shoes. The armor and weapons chest in his bedroom, the jewelry chest downstairs, and the three clutter sacks do not respawn, but the rest of the containers in the house do.