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Note from Bothiel
A request for help in retrieving some stolen items

To whom it may concern:

You have been passed this note because you may be able to help the Mages Guild. The Council of Mages has not the resources; the Legion is either unwilling or unable to assist.

A shipment of Dwarven artifacts from Morrowind, destined for the Arcane University, was intercepted by bandits recently. Intending to sell the artifacts for profit, they have stolen items essential to repair the Imperial Orrery in Cyrodiil's capital.

The only known location of these bandits is Camp Ales, north of Kvatch. If you can find these ruffians and recover the items they've stolen, I will be most indebted. The Orrery is my life's work, and I would hate to see it pass into obscurity now.

Items missing:

2 Dwarven Cogs

1 Dwarven Coherer

1 Dwarven Cylinder

1 Dwarven Tube