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Melus Petilius
(RefID: 00026FC0)
Home Town Brindle Home
House Melus Petilius' House
Race Imperial Gender Male
Level PC+8 Class Champion
RefID 00026FC0 BaseID 00026B46
Other Information
Health 43 + (5+1.8)x(PC+7), PC=1-17
Magicka 100 + 1.5x(PC+7) (max=250)
Responsibility 50 Aggression 5
Essential Until Molag Bal's Daedric Shrine Quest is begun
Faction(s) None
Melus Petilius

Melus Petilius is an Imperial champion. His wife, Vena Petilius, died and now he spends time every day at her grave (a short way east of his house). While you are on the associated quest, the townspeople in Brindle Home will tell you his sad story: he used to be a paladin, rushing off to help anyone in need, defeating a horde of goblins that attacked town and even single-handedly cleansing a nest of minotaurs. But one time while he was off fighting, Vena died suddenly of fever. He has never forgiven himself for not being with her when she died, and as a result has sworn an oath to never raise a weapon again. Unfortunately, his good deeds and honorable nature have offended one of the daedric princes, who is determined that he should give in to temptation.

Melus sleeps from 8pm to 4am and heads off to visit his wife's grave at 10am each day. Once there he will mourn for five hours before heading back home. Outside those times he paces disconsolately around his cabin.

He wears an almost complete set of possibly enchanted leveled light armor, minus the helm. He carries around a humble outfit consisting of belted braies, a belted vest and braided leather sandals, but he will only equip it if his armor breaks. He also possesses a small amount of gold. Usually he carries no weapon, but during his related quest the player must entice him into picking up the Cursed Mace.

Unique DialogueEdit

  • Greetings - dependent on where you greet him and how many times you have already done so:
    • Not at Vena's grave: "I would prefer you leave, friend. Please."
    • At Vena's grave: "I would ask that you not bother me, especially in this place."
    • If you attack him when not near Vena's grave: "I will not fight you, friend. I have taken a vow. My gods will protect me."
    • If you attack him near Vena's grave: "I have sworn not to raise a weapon in anger, but you have offended my honor in this most holy place. Prepare to die, devil."
    • After completing the quest: "No... you're dead! I killed you myself! What manner of creature are you? Will I be tormented with your image forever?"
  • On himself:
    • "I am Melus Petilius. Leave me in peace to mourn my wife, Vena."
  • On his wife:
    • At her grave: "Please, I do not wish to speak of her. My wife is buried here, and I only wish to visit her grave in peace. It is a sacred place to me."
    • Not at her grave: "She was my wife, and I would rather not speak of her now."


  • "I know of the poor man. Did wonders for folks around here. There was no job too small for him. Killed off hordes of goblins when they attacked the town. Killed off a nest of minotaurs singlehandedly. That's all in the past now, though. Since his wife, Vena, died, we haven't seen hide nor hair of the man. Gone off by himself."
  • "She was a good woman, and Melus loved her as best he could. He was off fighting when she died. A sudden fever, and she was gone. Don't think he ever forgave himself for not being there when she passed. He swore then never to raise a weapon again. He lives alone now. Moved into a cabin not far outside of town. It's near where he buried Vena. I understand he visits her grave every day."
  • Molag Bal will speak of him: "Near Brindle Home you will find Melus Petilius. A good man. An honorable man. He disgusts me."

Related QuestsEdit

  • Molag Bal: Goad the local do-gooder into killing you.