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Oblivion:Matthias Draconis' House

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Matthias Draconis' House
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Console Location Code(s)
ICTalosPlazaMatthiasDraconisHouse, ICTalosPlazaMatthiasDraconisHouseBasement, ICTalosPlazaMatthiasDraconisHouseUpstairs
Imperial City, Talos Plaza District
Matthias Draconis' House

Matthias Draconis' House is located in the southwestern housing complex of the Talos Plaza District, opposite Ontus Vanin's House.

Upon entering, against the northern wall two clutter barrels rest in an indent, with three more clutter sacks adjacent to them. The northeastern corner holds a small dining table and food storage area. Upon the table, three onions and three boar meat steaks are shared between three plates, while two bottles of cheap wine sit centrally upon it. Next to the dining table two open sacks, one containing corn and the other grain, sit next to a food pantry which has two pumpkins atop it. A further two clutter sacks rest in the southeastern corner alongside a barrel and storage chest. At the foot of the stairs, a valuables chest and some more clutter sacks rest with another chest, this time containing weaponry, stands at the top of the flight of stairs, outside the door to the private quarters.

Next to his bed, two clutter containers stand next to a pair of doeskin shoes and a pair of russet felt shoes. Next to the bench against the stairwell, some green velvet shoes can be found. In front of and around the closet in the northwestern corner, many more articles of clothing can be found; a green brocade doublet, a brown shirt, a black and burgundy outfit, a red velvet garment, some tan linens, a pair of gold trimmed shoes and some blue suede shoes, with more clothing located in the closet as well as the barrel and possibly the sack next to it. In the area behind the staircase, a table with a bottle of cheap wine, three strawberries and a cheese wedge. The basement holds little of interest, four clutter barrels, four sacks, three storage crates, three rice bags and two chests also containing clutter scatter the floor and short flight of stairs in the lower level of the house.