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Llevana Nedaren
(RefID: 00003649)
Home City Cheydinhal
House Llevana Nedaren's House
Race Dark Elf Gender Female
Level PC+2 Class Farmer
RefID 00003649 BaseID 000034DF
Other Information
Health 38 + (6+2.2)x(PC+1), PC=3-18
Magicka 100 + 1.5x(PC+1) (max=250)
Responsibility 50 Aggression 5
Essential Until Corruption and Conscience is completed
Faction(s) Cheydinhal Citizens
Llevana Nedaren out walking in Cheydinhal

Llevana Nedaren is a Dark Elf farmer living in Cheydinhal. She is known throughout town as being the most vocal about the corrupt practices of the local City Guard. If left up to her, the Captain of the Guard, Ulrich Leland, would be dragged out into the street and killed. Many Cheydinhal citizens buckling under the weight of Ulrich's taxations will tell you to seek out Llevana, "If you're interested, go talk to Llevana Nedaren. She seems the most outspoken against Ulrich and his new fines." You are able to do just that to begin the quest Corruption and Conscience.

She wears a set of lower class clothing consisting of a collared shirt, green felt linens, and a pair of huntsman moccasins. She carries her key, a bread loaf, and a small amount of gold.

When speaking to Llevana, she will immediately be able to tell that you are not under Ulrich's influence, "You seem far too nice to be one of Ulrich's men. What can I do for you?" If asked about Ulrich directly, she makes her views about him and his exorbitant fines readily apparent, "Oh, please. Don't even get me started. That madman won't be satisfied until everyone in town is dead broke...or in jail! What in Oblivion is Ulrich doing with all that money anyway? I'm sure he's lining his pockets with the gold of the good citizens of Cheydinhal." Llevana notes her friend Aldos Othran as being the prime example of Ulrich's corruption. "Take my good friend Aldos Othran for example. In the last month, he's been fined six times! SIX! All for being drunk and disorderly. Have you ever gone past a guard barracks? When are they NOT drunk and disorderly? What kind of a stupid fine is that? Well, Aldos couldn't pay the last two fines, so they seized his home and threw him into the street until he could pay it! Bastards!" When asked if the Count will do anything about Ulrich she will say, "The Count? He could care less about our plight. As long as the roast suckling pig is delivered to his feast table, he's as happy as can be." Asking if there's anyone who cares about the situation will have her say, "Well, there's one man who seems to care: Garrus Darelliun, the second in command of the guard. I hear he isn't happy with Ulrich. I don't know what you can do for us in this situation. I mean, Ulrich is the Captain after all. Perhaps you could speak to Garrus. You can find him roaming the County Hall of the castle most of the time." She will also recount the sad tale that explains Aldos' recent behavior, "Poor fellow. You may be able to find him roaming the streets of Cheydinhal, probably drunk. Only a month ago, he lost his wife. They were traveling the road from the Imperial City when a bandit raiding party struck. He barely escaped alive. Ever since then, he's been drunk. Sure, he gets rowdy sometimes, but he's never hurt anyone." Asking about Ulrich again will have Llevana disgustingly say, "I don't know where the Count found him, but I sure wish he'd send him back. He's a menace to this town." Leaving to go speak to Garrus will have Llevana declare somewhat longingly, "Garrus may be our only hope."

After Aldos' untimely death from attempting to retake his house, Llevana will detect something terrible has happened when you approach her and say, "Is something amiss? You have an ashen look on your face that tells me so." and then open the conversation with, "What's wrong?" She'll be grief stricken at the news and cry out, "Oh no! They killed him? I can't believe this! Ever since his wife passed at the hands of the bandits, his life has been miserable. I'd grown to become fond of him. I wanted to take him into my house, but I was afraid. And now look what's become of him." Angered over Aldos' unjust death, Llevana will state, "There are no more options left. Ulrich must be dealt with, and actions speak louder than words. You must do something for me. Go tell Ulrich that I have some information that incriminates him. Tell him to come alone, or he won't get it. Then, lead him here, and I'll do the rest." If asked about what will become of Aldos, she'll add sadly, "I'll make the necessary arrangements for his burial. He'll be buried next to his poor wife." Mentioning Ulrich's name at this point will have Llevana say coldly, "I'll deal with him soon enough." and, upon leaving the conversation, "Ulrich will not buy his way out of this one...he'll pay. I promise you."

There are multiple ways the quest can end. Llevana has her own very clear idea regarding how to handle Ulrich, and is all too happy to be able to rid the city of him forever. She will task you with leading Ulrich to her home. Doing so will cause Ulrich to follow you to Llevana's house when asked, whereupon she and Ulrich will begin a conversation:

Ulrich: "So, Llevana, I hear you have something I'd want to see?"
Llevana: "Ulrich, how dare you walk in here like you don't know what's going on."
Ulrich: "Of course I know what's going on. What intrigues me is that you had the nerve to threaten me. I'm just curious to see what you've come up with."
Llevana: "Just because you run the law in town doesn't put you above it. You're going to pay for what happened to Aldos."
Ulrich: "Aldos was a drunkard and a fool. He decided to draw a blade and attack a guard, so he paid the price."
Llevana: "You bastard! How many more people are going to "pay the price"? How many more have to die just so you can earn another gold coin?"
Ulrich: "I'm not going to stand here and debate this all night. You give me that evidence, and I'll consider not having you executed."
Llevana: "As you wish, Ulrich. Come my lovelies! Your feast has arrived!"

She will then paralyze him, and call some vicious pet rats to eat him alive. Once Ulrich has succumbed to the numerous rat bites, speaking to Llevana will yield the response, "I have no regrets." Asking her about the now deceased Ulrich, "Justice has been done. Go tell Garrus what's transpired here. I await my fate.", and when exiting the conversation, "Go. Tell Garrus what I've done. I've nothing to hide." After being placed in jail for murdering Ulrich, Llevana will be more than happy should you come to see her, "Thank you for visiting me." Expressing your guilt over having led Ulrich to his death, Llevana will say, "Don't be upset. I knew what I was doing the moment I asked you to lead Ulrich to me. I was fully aware of the consequences. Given the opportunity, I think Ulrich would have had me killed. I'm not sorry for what I've done, but I don't wish to be revered as a hero either. I thank you for your help. I'm sure your conscience weighed heavily upon you as you led Ulrich to his death. You did the right thing."

Garrus, on the other hand, isn't out for blood like Llevana, and will insist that you reconsider her plan so that you both can avoid being arrested for killing Ulrich. Listening to Garrus and choosing to help him find evidence of Ulrich's crimes will instead cause Ulrich to be removed from his position as Captain of the Guard and be placed in jail for quite a long time, thereby allowing Garrus to take his place. Bringing this information to Llevana will have her say, "I'm overjoyed to hear that Garrus has replaced Ulrich as the Captain of the Guard. I'm sure he'll do a fine job." When asked specifically about Ulrich, she mentions that, "Though I'm happy that Ulrich has been removed from his post, I'm still saddened that there'll be no true retribution for Aldos. When I was younger, and living in Vvardenfell, my parents instilled in me the code of an-eye-for-an-eye. It's hard not to see that through. I'm sorry, I shouldn't berate what you've done for Cheydinhal. Everyone appreciates what you did, as do I."

If Llevana ends up killing Ulrich for his greed, the townsfolk will comment, "So, the mighty Ulrich Leland has fallen. Apparently Llevana Nedaren snapped and killed him. Good riddance I say."

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