Oblivion:Lich of Lost Boy Cavern

Oblivion: Quests: Miscellaneous
Follow the story of an exiled mage trying to save his friend from himself (non-journal).
Quest Giver: Weathered Journal found outside Lost Boy Cavern
Location(s): Lost Boy Cavern
Reward: A leveled staff
Required Level: 23
The Lich Erandur-Vangaril

Quick WalkthroughEdit

Note: This quest does not appear in your journal. Also, it is best to only start this quest if you are level 23 or higher; otherwise, you will never be able to complete the quest.

  1. Find and read the items that tell the story of Erandur and Vangaril.
  2. Combat the lich.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

The StoryEdit

You will first find a Weathered Journal outside the front door to the Lost Boy Cavern. This journal was written by a Mage, Vangaril, and describes his realization that his friend Erandur has become a Lich. The Mage's Guild refuses to help Vangaril, so he resolves to enter Lost Boy Cavern alone and free Erandur's soul.

The second installment is on a crumpled piece of paper in Lost Boy's Yawning Halls (near an overturned chair). This missive is somewhat incoherent.

The third note is another Crumpled Piece of Paper near an overturned chair, this time in Lost Boy Canyon. This note is apparently a taunt written by Erandur, promising (somewhat prophetically) to consume Vangaril from within.

Chronologically, a Folded Page is next. Two identical copies of this paper can be found in Lost Boy's Hidden Bastion (one in the easternmost room, one in the westernmost room). This paper states that Vangaril successfully completed the rites to free Erandur's soul. But apparently he was not so successful....

In a workroom in Lost Boy's Hidden Bastion are Vangaril's three attempts to write his final message to his Mage's Guild superiors. The first, an open letter to the Guild of Mages, is a formal and respectful letter which explains how an evil took root within him. This letter is not complete, and was crumpled and abandoned by Vangaril. The next attempt, A letter for the Once Great Mage's council, is a more aggressive note, blaming the Mage's Guild for not training Vangaril enough to properly banish Erandur. This letter, too, is crumpled and disregarded. The final note, a pristine An open threat to the Guild of Mages, is written by the Lich Erandur-Vangaril: evidently the lich was not truly banished, but instead managed to incorporate the souls of both Erandur and Vangaril. The final note, making references to both Kvatch and Mannimarco, threatens that he will kill every member of the Mage's Guild.

The LichEdit

In the final room of this cave you will meet the Lich Erandur Vangaril. If you have been collecting the various notes scattered throughout the cave, you will have learnt a fair bit about the history of this creature.

If you are level 23 or higher, you have a chance to avenge Vangaril and kill the Lich. At lower levels, you can explore the entire cave, but you will be unable to fight the Lich: you will find an ethereal being identified as Erandur-Vangaril but be unable to interact with it in any way — even if you later return at a higher level. See the bugs on Erandur-Vangaril's page for details.


  • In the final note threatening the Mages Guild, the HTML contains a typo - only the words "Erandur Vangaril" in the last line are meant to be written in daedric, however the tag meant to render the words after "Erandur Vangaril" in normal handwritten font is misspelled, causing the rest of the note to be written in daedric.