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Oblivion:Irene Metrick's House

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Irene Metrick's House
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Console Location Code(s)
ICElvenGardensIreneMetricsHouse, ICElvenGardensIreneMetricsHouseBasement, ICElvenGardensIreneMetricsHouseUpstairs
Imperial City, Elven Gardens District

Irene Metrick's House is located in the northwest of the Elven Gardens District, next to Cyronin Sintav's House.


Irene Metrick

Irene Metrick's HouseEdit

Irene Metrick's HouseEdit

To the left upon entering Irene Metrick's home, a small desk sits in the corner with a clutter sack on the floor. More clutter can be found in a chest against the northeastern wall. The cupboard on the back wall serves as a food pantry, with a food barrel and another clutter sack along the same wall. Next to the staircase, on a shelving unit, two potatoes and a pumpkin sit in a basket atop it, next to a venison steak. Three tomatoes and two ears of corn rest on the shelves. Another pumpkin can be found on top of a food storage barrel, adjacent to a cupboard, which has another pumpkin underneath it.

Irene Metrick's Private QuartersEdit

On entering the private quarters, to the left along the wall covering the stairs, a clutter chest can be found. A crate and barrel also containing clutter are located in the area behind the staircase, while a cupboard stands in the northern corner of the entry hall. In the western corner of the bedroom, a wine rack with eleven bottles of cheap wine can be found, next to a shelving unit which houses a copy of Followers of the Gray Fox. A wardrobe can be found in the northern corner of the room, with more clothes being stored in the chest of drawers in the eastern corner. A locked jewelry box sits atop one of these units, and contains valuables. A small table sits in the final corner with another bottle of cheap wine and an apple atop it.

Irene Metrick's BasementEdit

The basement is that of a typical Imperial City home, serving as clutter storage for the most part. Three barrels, two locked chests, two sacks, a crate and a cupboard, all of which contain clutter, can be found around the basement, while two wine racks with fourteen bottles of Tamika's West Weald wine, eight bottles of cheap wine and six bottles of Surilie Brother's wine among them stand centrally in the main area.