Oblivion:Imperial Reserve

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Camp Ales, located in the Imperial Reserve

The Imperial Reserve is a grassland area within the larger region of the Colovian Highlands in western Cyrodiil. It lies west of the Great Forest and extends to the west for an unknown distance in the direction of the Gold Coast. The Imperial Reserve is sparsely populated, containing only a few small hamlets such as Hackdirt and Weatherleah. The region is prime hunting ground due to its flat land and sparse trees, and several bandit camps dot the area.

In the game, the area doesn't serve any purpose beyond being mentioned in one or two rumors. Otherwise, it is indistinguishable from the rest of the larger Colovian Highlands region.

When questioned, Fadus Calidius will describe several places located in the Imperial Reserve:

  • "You heard of 'Goblin Jim's Cave'? It's a big one. It's a long walk due north of Skingrad, in the Imperial Reserve... a long way from civilization."
  • "Yes, in fact, up in the Imperial Reserve, a long way north-north-west of Skingrad, I came upon a Sanguine shrine. Gave it a wide berth. I'm a goblin hunter. Don't want to tangle with those Daedra worshippers."

Falanu Hlaalu will also mention the Sanguine shrine out in the Imperial Reserve when asked about Daedra cults:

  • "What makes you think I'd know anything about that... But it just so happens I've run into some Sanguine worshippers up in the Imperial Reserve, a long way north-north-west of Skingrad. Can't give you any better directions, unfortunately. Traveled mostly at night with a guide, and didn't see much on the way."

Hillod the Outlaw also mentions the region in dialogue:

  • "I helped build Raven Rock. Had a bad run-in with the law, so here I am. Pretty soon I'll head out for the Imperial Reserve, try my luck there."