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The Imperial Prison Guards are a branch of the Imperial Watch. They can be found around the Prison District of the Imperial City. They use a silver mace rather than a silver longsword and do not use the Legion shield and helmet wielded by their more common counterparts. They carry keys to all the prison cells except Claudius Arcadia's. Their inventory (excluding weapons and armor) includes the Imperial Watch key, Imperial Prison key, gold, random items of clothing, and often random food such as sweetrolls and pears.


  • The guards often patrol past your cell in the Imperial Prison and can be pickpocketed for the key to the cell doors (Imperial Prison Key).
  • The guards that sit at the desk upon entry to the Imperial Prison can be spoken to and have the "Visit a prisoner" dialogue option, which will cause the guard to unlock the door to the holding cell area. This action also makes entrance into that area legal; however, they will follow you around until you leave, which makes picking locks or other illegal activities difficult. You can then talk to the guard and select "Visit a prisoner" dialogue option again, at which point the guard will return to the door and close it behind him. You can then unlock the cells or sleep without worry. The door will still be unlocked.
  • If you pickpocket a prison guard and take the Imperial Prison key, you can place it anywhere on the floor of the last cell to the right (the cell you will be put in if arrested in the Imperial City). You can open any of the cells with this key, including your own, if you get arrested. The only problem is once you have used this key to escape and go to take back your belongings they will all be counted as stolen in your inventory. You can fence your stolen items to the Thieves Guild fences and then buy the items back, but you will lose money. However, it can be an easy way to raise your value of items fenced.
  • One always guards the evidence chest. However, you can easily open the chest without being caught by hiding behind the guard's chair and slowly sneaking to the chest. If done correctly, you will not be caught.



ID (Day) ID (Night) Post
00092B02 00092B06 Outer Gate
00092B03 00092B07 Inner Gate, Check Cells
ID (Day) ID (Night) Patrol
00092B04 none Yard East - Yard North - Walk North - Walk East
00092B05 none Yard East - Walk North - Walk East - Yard North


ID Location
0002E5D8 Imperial Prison
0002E5D9 Imperial Subterrane
00045F7F Imperial Subterrane
0002E5DB The Sanctum
0002E5DC The Sanctum
00045F7E Imperial Prison (Taunt)