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Oblivion:Illegal Cargo

Oblivion: Quests: Miscellaneous
Stop the illegal sheep shipment at the Sea Tub Clarabella (non-journal).
Quest Giver: Note from First Mate Filch at The Sea Tub Clarabella
Location(s): The Sea Tub Clarabella
Reward: Leveled Jewelry, Potion of Seastride, Potion of the Sea and 100 Gold
The pirates dispose of the evidence

Quick WalkthroughEdit

Note: This quest does not appear in your journal

  1. Kill the pirates of the Sea Tub Clarabella and prevent the illegally shipped sheep from being delivered.
  2. Claim Captain Baszone Patneim's treasure as your own.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

The Captain's NoteEdit

At the Anvil harbor you will come across a ship on the far side of the harbor; The Sea Tub Clarabella. Entering its top deck you will encounter the violent captain of the ship, Captain Baszone Patneim. He will attack you on sight. After killing him, loot a note from his body (take the key too) and read it. The note is from his first mate, Filch.

Apparently the pirates of the Clarabella are illegally shipping sheep, and Filch wants to be doing more action-packed pirating. It's time for an investigation...

Illegal CargoEdit

Enter the mid deck of the ship through a hatch in the top deck. Here you will fight two pirates—an Argonian and an Orc. After you kill them, search the deck. You will find a locked door. Unlock it with the keys from the pirates' bodies, and enter. In here you will find illegally shipped sheep wandering about.


At the end of the mid deck is a hatch to the lower deck. Enter the lower deck. Here you will encounter a Bosmer pirate and Filch, both will be immediately hostile towards the player. After killing Filch you will have successfully stopped a gang of shady, sheep smuggling pirates. Now you may claim your reward.

Baszone's TreasureEdit

Head back up to the top deck and you will find a locked chest between a bed and a barrel. Unlock it with Captain Patneim's Key. The chest contains three pieces of leveled jewelry, a Potion of Seastride, a Potion of the Sea, 100 gold and a copy of The Lusty Argonian Maid. In addition, there is a jewelry box on the desk in the captain's room, containing up to three items of leveled jewelry and a potion.


  • If you have installed the Thieves Den official plug-in, you will encounter the captain on the mid deck rather than the top deck. The reason for this is that Dahlia Rackham will be on the top deck to sell you goods for Dunbarrow Cove instead.
  • Due to their high aggression, the pirates will attack the sheep, as well as yourself, when you enter the mid deck.
  • The captain's chest is a safe storage place, probably due to the fact that it is quest-related. You can store any items you like inside and they are not in danger of disappearing after a few days.


  • There's a bug that makes you unable to pick up the captain's note after dropping it on the ground.