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Oblivion:Guard House

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Guard House
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Console Location Code(s)
ICElvenGardensGuardHouse, ICElvenGardensGuardHouseBasement, ICElvenGardensGuardHouseUpstairs
Imperial City, Elven Gardens District
Guard House

The Guard House is a building in the Elven Gardens District of the Imperial City. It is located in the northern alleyway, between the houses of Cyronin Sintav and Tertius Favonius.

Obviously owned by the Imperial Watch, but currently uninhabited, the Guard House makes for an attractive free house early in the game. The items are all owned and taking them is considered stealing, but you will never get caught in the act due to the lack of witnesses. Additionally, the front door is unlocked at all times, although the doors leading upstairs and downstairs are initially locked.

The building is divided into three areas: Guard House, Guard House Private Quarters and Guard House Basement.

Guard HouseEdit

The ground floor consists of two tables, both loaded with food, apparently meant for hungry City Watch Guards. The table near the entrance is laden with three potatoes, two ears of corn, a carrot, a wedge of cheese, a tomato and a head of lettuce, with two bottles of mead to wash it down. Two more bottles of mead can be found on the next table, along with three carrots, two cheese wedges, two tomatoes, a leek, a potato, an ear of corn and a loaf of bread. Three wine racks are present, but only one contains wine, specifically eleven bottles of cheap wine. Also in the room are two cupboards, both with food; the cupboard near the basement entrance has two bread loaves sitting on top. Three barrels contains clutter, while the small table next to the stairs holds a copy of the Block skill book A Dance in Fire, v2.

Guard House Private QuartersEdit

The private quarters are designed as sleeping quarters for a high number of guards, and contains five tightly-packed beds in total, all of which are free to sleep in. Additionally, the bulk of the valuable items are all stored up here. Next to the entrance door, a chest with a leveled lock contains up to three pieces of equipment (up to silver quality), which can safely be used for storage. The chest between the beds in the southeastern corner is locked with a leveled lock but holds only clutter. The third locked chest is located atop the clothing cupboard against the western wall and holds silverware, gold and a slim chance of some pelts or jewelry; it can also be safely used for storage. The unlocked chest in the northern alcove contains clutter. There are three chests of drawers as well; the one near the alcove contains clothing and has a pair of Legion greaves and a Legion helmet sitting on top. The other drawers consist of nothing but clutter.

Guard House BasementEdit

On the landing halfway down the stairs are two barrels and a non-respawning sack, all with clutter. The basement itself is decorated with training equipment for target and weapons practice, but the numerous weapons racks are all empty. A clutter barrel sits against the western wall and has an iron shortsword sitting on top. Nearby, carelessly thrown on the floor, lies a discarded iron battle axe.