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(RefID: 00001731)
Home City Leyawiin
Location Blackwood Company Hall
Race Argonian Gender Male
Level PC+5 Class Sharpshooter
RefID 00001731 BaseID 00034E7D
Other Information
Health 35 + (5+0.6)x(PC+4), PC=1-96
Magicka 113 + 1.5x(PC+4) (max=250)
Responsibility 50 Aggression 5
Essential Until stage 70 of Infiltration
Faction(s) Leyawiin; Blackwood Company 1(Company Member Company Member)

Geel is an Argonian sharpshooter working at the Blackwood Company in Leyawiin. He doesn't have much to say, but you may have to kill him along with the rest of the Company during the final Fighters Guild quest.

He is equipped with a full set of leveled light armor. Each piece may be enchanted, starting at 20% chance from level 3, rising to 25% from level 7 and 30% from level 9. He also carries a spare set of middle-class clothing around with him, along with a spare pair of upper-class shoes and some gold.

In combat he will rely on his leveled bow and on his leveled or iron arrows. His bow may be enchanted, starting at 25% chance from level 3, rising to 40% at level 6 and 50% from level 9. His arrows may also be enchanted, starting at 25% chance from level 4 and rising to 29% from level 9.

He is responsible for locking and unlocking the guild hall doors. At 6am he unlocks the front door and at midnight he locks it again. His entire time is spent walking around the ground floor. Geel neither eats nor sleeps.

When you first greet him, Geel will tell you that "I am Geel. Sergeant-of-Sharpshooters, Blackwood Company." and when asked about Leyawiin, he says "Here I train our skirmishing specialists. You know, perhaps, that Argonians may be gifted spellcasters."

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