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Dynari Amnis' House
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Console Location Code(s)
ICTalosPlazaDynariAmnisHouse, ICTalosPlazaDynariAmnisHouseBasement, ICTalosPlazaDynariAmnisHouseUpstairs
Imperial City, Talos Plaza District
Dynari Amnis' House

Dynari Amnis' House is a home located inside the northern part of the Imperial City's Talos Plaza.

It is located next to Thamriel's House, and belongs to Dynari Amnis. It consists of three areas: Dynari Amnis' House, Dynari Amnis' Basement, and Dynari Amnis' Private Quarters.

During the quest Misdirection, the ground floor of this house becomes Methredhel's hideout while the Waterfront is stormed by guards.


Dynari Amnis

Related QuestsEdit

Dynari Amnis' HouseEdit

Fitting in with the rest of the houses in the area, it is three-floored, having a main room, private quarters, and a basement. On the main floor can be found middle-class clutter and upper-class dinnerware, along with various books and ingredients. A table and chairs are located facing the entrance; this is where Methredhel will sit during the related quest. A locked chest can be found at the bottom of the stairs which may contain up to three weapons (iron or steel) or pieces of armor (leather, iron, steel or chainmail).

Dynari Amnis' BasementEdit

The basement is littered with barrels and crates containing clutter, and there is also an entrance to the Talos Plaza Sewers.

Dynari Amnis' Private QuartersEdit

The Private Quarters contain many alcoholic beverages as well as three books, one of which betrays Dynari's less-than-legal affiliations. There is also a locked chest by her bed which contains the same kind of material as the one by the stairs.