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Oblivion:Damage Attribute

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OB-icon-Damage.png Damage Attribute
School Destruction
Type Offensive
Effect ID DGAT
Base Cost 100.0
Barter Factor 0
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Custom Potions
Built-In Potions

Damage Attribute M points for D seconds

Reduce the value of the target's given Attribute by M points each second for D seconds. (The duration is 1 second if not specified). The total damage is MxD points and lasts until the attribute is magically restored.

Internally, all of the various Damage Attribute effects are considered to be the same. However, there is currently no way to acquire any of them as a spell without using the console, and therefore they are not available at the Spellmaking Altar. (However, if you could acquire one as a spell, spell-making and enchanting are both enabled for this effect).


  • Normally, Damage Attribute effects do not show up in your Active Effects menu (just as Damage Health does not show up in your Active Effects menu). Instead, the affected attribute's value is displayed in red text in your statistics menu.
  • If you can damage an NPC's Strength to zero, they will be frozen in place because of their zero Encumbrance. This can also be accomplished by Damaging Speed to zero.

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