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Oblivion:Cyronin Sintav's House

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Cyronin Sintav's House
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Console Location Code(s)
ICElvenGardensCyroninSintavsHouse, ICElvenGardensCyroninSintavsHouseBasement, ICElvenGardensCyroninSintavsHouseUpstairs
Imperial City, Elven Gardens District
Cyronin Sintav's house

Cyronin Sintav's House is a home in the north end of the Elven Gardens District of the Imperial City. The house neighbors the home of Irene Metrick.

It is the residence Cyronin Sintav and his wife, Carmana. The house itself contains three zones: Cyronin Sintav's House, Cyronin Sintav's Private Quarters, and Cyronin Sintav's Basement.


Cyronin Sintav's HouseEdit

Inside of Cyronin Sintav's house

The front door opens to a large dining room. On the table, there is a total of two carrots, two pieces of boar meat, two potatoes, three radishes and four strawberries. More food can be found in a cupboard in the east corner. Also in this corner is a chest containing clutter. Adjacent to this is a shelf with three bottles of mead on top of it. Next to the stairs is cupboard containing clutter. Across from the door to the private quarters are two barrels that hold more clutter.

Cyronin Sintav's Private QuartersEdit

Cyronin Sintav's private quarters

Immediately upon entering the private quarters, there is a chest, sack, and drawers containing clutter with a bottle of Surilie Brothers Vintage 415 on top. The bed in the north corner is flanked on both sides by drawers with an apple and another bottle of Surilie Brothers Vintage 415 on top. In the east corner, a table holds five elf cups, two flax seeds, and two loaves of bread. Also in this corner is another food cupboard and some shelves containing three bottles of cheap wine, three bottles of mead, two bottles of the rare Surilie Brothers Vintage 399, and a bottle of both Tamika's West Weald Wine and Surilie Brothers Wine. A small alcove in the southwest corner of the room contains two crates and a barrel containing clutter.

Cyronin Sintav's BasementEdit

Cyronin Sintav's basement

The basement holds very little of interest. There are mostly just barrels, crates, and shelves holding clutter and a sack containing random samples of food. The only item of importance is a locked chest holding weapons and/or armor.


  • The key to this location is carried by both Cyronin and Carmana Sintav.