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These are all the new items that appear as part of the Vile Lair official download.

For information on how to find the correct values for the "xx" characters in these IDs, see Form ID.

Crimson EvisceratorEdit

This is an enchanted Daedric dagger (one-handed blade, speed 1.4, reach 0.6) that can be found in the Unusual Box on top of the Shrine of Sithis.

Obtaining a high-level version of this dagger is difficult for two reasons.

  • The level of the dagger is set at the time when you first install the Vile Lair download, not at the time when you open the unusual box. See Raiment of the Crimson Scar for details.
  • The version of the dagger that you get is randomly determined, rather than being fixed. Because of the details of how leveled lists work, this means that if your character is level 15 or higher when you install the download there is a 50% chance you will receive the best possible item for that character level and a 50% chance of getting the second-best item. For example, a level 23 character will get either the level 15-19 or the level 20-24 version; a level 45 character will get either the level 25-29 or the level 30+ version.

The Weakness to Poison effect does not have any stated time limit, which means the effect is zero duration.

Object ID Level Weight Health Value Damage Charge / Cost = Uses Effects
OB-icon-weapon-DaedricDagger.png xx0060B6 1-9 2.7 100 280 6 660/12=55 Absorb Strength 3 pts for 5 secs, Damage Health 5 pts, Damage Magicka 5 pts, Weakness to Poison 5%
xx0060B9 10-14 7 310 1480 13 3000/51=58 Absorb Strength 7 pts for 5 secs, Damage Health 15 pts, Damage Magicka 15 pts, Weakness to Poison 15%
xx0060BA 15-19 8 400 2400 15 4500/76=59 Absorb Strength 10 pts for 5 secs, Damage Health 20 pts, Damage Magicka 20 pts, Weakness to Poison 20%
xx0060BB 20-24 9 475 3666 17 5940/100=59 Absorb Strength 12 pts for 5 secs, Damage Health 25 pts, Damage Magicka 25 pts, Weakness to Poison 25%
xx0060BC 25-29 10 532 5799 19 7620/128=59 Absorb Strength 15 pts for 5 secs, Damage Health 30 pts, Damage Magicka 30 pts, Weakness to Poison 30%
xx0060BD 30+ 12 625 7031 20 9420/158=59 Absorb Strength 20 pts for 5 secs, Damage Health 35 pts, Damage Magicka 35 pts, Weakness to Poison 35%
xx00B97E* N/A 3.5 155 748 8 1740/30=58 Absorb Strength 5 pts for 5 secs, Damage Health 10 pts, Damage Magicka 10 pts, Weakness to Poison 10%

* This version was supposed to be the level 5-9 version of the dagger, but was left out of the leveled list and therefore will never be found in-game.

Raiment of the Crimson ScarEdit

The Raiment of the Crimson Scar is light armor that looks like the Shrouded Armor but with more powerful enchantments. It can be found in a cupboard called Greywyn's Armoire in the Deepscorn Bedroom, which only appears once you have purchased all the upgrades for Deepscorn Hollow.

The version of the raiment that you receive is based upon the level of your character when you first install the Vile Lair download, not on the level of your character when you receive the raiment.

Other possible ways to fix this glitch, especially if you installed the download when you started the game, include:
  • installing the Auto Update Leveled Items and Spells or Quest Award Leveler mod, a painless way to "upgrade" both the Raiment and Eviscerator to match your current level at any time during the game
  • using the player.additem console command to fix this manually (PC only)
  • or, as a one-time only upgrade, reinstalling the download and restarting this quest from scratch:
  1. Make sure you have nothing of value anywhere in Deepscorn Hollow.
  2. Leave the area, and create a new, permanent saved game for archiving (in case something doesn't work out as expected).
  3. Uninstall the download.
  4. Load your saved game (ignore any potential warning about missing game content) and create a new saved game without the download.
  5. Reinstall the download.
  6. You will have to redo any parts of the quest you had previously completed and you will lose any quest-specific items and any items that were in Deepscorn Hollow, but you will receive the higher-quality raiment matching your current level.
Object ID Level Weight Health Value Armor
xx00BE65 1-4 9.5 250 6102 13 Fortify Agility, Speed 3 pts, Fortify Sneak, Marksman, Blade 5 pts, Reflect Damage 10%
xx00BE66 5-9 15 350 9404 16 Fortify Agility, Speed 5 pts, Fortify Sneak, Marksman, Blade 8 pts, Reflect Damage 15%
xx00BE67 10-14 18 450 12406 18 Fortify Agility, Speed 7 pts, Fortify Sneak, Marksman, Blade 10 pts, Reflect Damage 20%
xx00BE68 15-19 22 550 16308 21 Fortify Agility, Speed 9 pts, Fortify Sneak, Marksman, Blade 15 pts, Reflect Damage 25%
xx00C35E 20-24 26 750 20210 24 Fortify Agility, Speed 11 pts, Fortify Sneak, Marksman, Blade 20 pts, Reflect Damage 30%
xx00BE6A 25+ 30 950 24512 30 Fortify Agility, Speed 15 pts, Fortify Sneak, Marksman, Blade 25 pts, Reflect Damage 35%


Ingredient Name Primary Effect Secondary Effect Tertiary Effect Quaternary Effect Value Weight H%
OB-icon-ingredient-Blackberry.png Chokeberry
Harvested from the Chokeberry Vines in the Garden of Venomgrowth
Poison Fruit Poison Fruit (Script Effect) 1 0.1 100
OB-icon-ingredient-Fire Salts.png Purgeblood Salts
Mined from the Purgeblood Crystal Formations by the Font of Renewal
Restore Magicka Restore Magicka Damage Health Damage Health Fortify Magicka Fortify Magicka Dispel Dispel 0 0.4 100



Name ID Value Weight Notes
OB-icon-misc-Poison.png Ichor of Sithis xx004B9B 3000 0.0 Required to activate the shrine of Sithis