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Oblivion:Bound Weapon

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OB-icon-Boundweapon.png Bound Weapon
School Conjuration
Type Defensive
(No enchanting)
Effect ID varies
Base Cost varies
Barter Factor 0
(Click on any item for details)

Bound {Weapon} for D seconds

Bound Weapon spells equip you with the specified weapon for a duration of D seconds, after which the weapon vanishes. Bound weapons are all identical to Daedric weapons in appearance, but the damage and health of bound weapons are not the same as those of true Daedric weapons. Most of the weapons do less damage than true Daedric; the only exception is the claymore (Bound Sword) which does more damage than a true Daedric Claymore (and therefore does more damage than any unenchanted claymore). All bound weapons have extremely high health, which means that they are unlikely to be noticeably damaged during the typical lifetime of a bound weapon. All conjured weapons are weightless and have zero value.

If you sheathe your weapon while the Bound Weapon spell is active, the spell will be removed, causing the weapon to evaporate. This has practical use as described on the Conjuration training page. Alternatively, Dispel effects can be used to cancel a Bound Weapon before the effect expires; the weapon will vanish. There are also some glitches that allow bound weapons to be unequipped without vanishing; these glitches allow permanent, weightless weapons to be created.

Types of Bound WeaponEdit

Effect Name Weapon Type Damage
Speed Reach Spell Level Object ID Effect ID Effect Base Cost
  Bound Axe Blunt, One-Handed 18 3500 1.1 0.8 Apprentice 00026276 BWAX 39
  Bound Bow Bow 15 2800 1.0 N/A Journeyman 0002627D BWBO 95
  Bound Dagger Blade, One-Handed 13 2500 1.4 0.6 Novice 0002627C BWDA 14
  Bound Mace Blunt, One-Handed 22 4200 0.9 1.0 Journeyman 00026274 BWMA 91
  Bound Sword Blade, Two-Handed 29 3200 0.8 1.3 Expert 00026273 BWSW 235



  • If you are sent to jail while Bound Weapon is active, the game may crash.

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