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Oblivion:Battlehorn Castle Blacksmith House

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Battlehorn Castle Blacksmith House
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Battlehorn Castle
Battlehorn Castle Blacksmith House

Battlehorn Castle Blacksmith House is a home found inside the courtyard of Battlehorn Castle (download-specific). It is located to the left of the castle's main entrance, right behind the castle's forge.

The interior of the house

The house serves as the residence for the castle's resident blacksmith, Niels, and his pet dog, Hjalti. This building consists of only one zone, Battlehorn Castle Blacksmith House.



Battlehorn Castle Blacksmith HouseEdit

Entering this small cottage through the front door will lead to Niels' bed being found to the right of the entrance, in front of a purple tapestry, right behind a bench, a barrel, and a cabinet. To the left of the bed is a small table in front of an unused fireplace, with three clusters of grapes, two cinnabar polypore red caps, an alkanet flower, and a slice of beef sitting upon it. In the corner to the far right of the door is a blacksmith's anvil and an open barrel with a few tools in it. To the left of the anvil is another table, which has two leeks, two pears, a sample of foxglove nectar, and various plates, containers, and utensils upon it. Beside the table is a small, empty thatch basket, and a kennel for Hjalti with a pair of laced leather pants on top of it. Behind the kennel is a barrel, a crate, and a chest, with various miscellaneous items inside. The far left corner of the room is filled with two archery targets. Going left of the archery targets will lead to a lit fireplace, with a bench and a fireplace rack nearby. The last corner of the room contains two empty weapon racks and a number of pieces of wood placed in disarray.