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Oblivion:Abandoned House (Anvil)

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Abandoned House
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# of Zones 1
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Gold Coast
The Abandoned House in Anvil

Abandoned House is a run-down, desolate house situated within the Guildgate district of Anvil, located in between Silgor Bradus' House and the Anvil Mages Guild.

The desolate interior

It is the residence of A Stranger, and consists of one area only, Abandoned House.


A Stranger

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Abandoned HouseEdit

As soon as you enter the front door, you will immediately notice that the majority of the house is empty. A chair lies by the stairs, and several broken crates, chairs, and hollow barrels are scattered about. A room under the stairs and the furnace are boarded up. Cobwebs adorn the walls.

The upstairs is only one small room where A Stranger resides. The contents of the candlelit room are meager; a cupboard containing little food, a table with a copy of Myth or Menace?, and a desk in the northern corner containing only clutter. A small dining table in the western corner holds three radishes, a corn cob, a cheese wedge, and an apple.