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For me when i did this quest i tried talking to Orvas Dren and saying the option about protecting morrowind and such, Orvas then attacked me saying Dagoth Ur gave him a better offer. Im not sure why this happoned but i know he didnt like me and i was a Argonian. — Unsigned comment by (talk)

When I talked to Orvas Dren with high disposition, I had the option of saying I would "protect the Land from the Empire", and Orvas Dren replied that he got the same deal from Dagoth Ur... but Dren didnt mind "rubbing both sides of the coin". Therefore, he put in his vote for me as Hortator, as well as the votes for the other two he controlled. Therefore, it is unneccessary to bribe/kill him.--Brf 08:24, 25 April 2008 (EDT)

The last few games I have played, Dren had a disposition of 5 and did not attack. --Brf 20:13, 30 November 2010 (UTC)

convincing Crassius[edit]

Don't know how this one runs as a male character, but as a female it wasn't quite as described here. I've got Crassius up to 100 disposition and am a House Father, and my choices were to give him a kiss or pay him off with 500 gold. Got the same info from him either way. Didn't want to edit in the changes without knowing how it works with different parameters (gender, disposition, rank ...). Can someone check? Aelina 07:09, 14 October 2008 (EDT)

You're correct, the info here was false. Edited. Lukish_ Tlk Cnt 07:20, 11 December 2008 (EST)

Bero's Support[edit]

(Following moved here from article)
[NOTE: there are other journal entries for getting Dram Bero's vote. After getting all the other votes first, I spoke to Dram Bero. I have the following entries in my Journal:
"Dram Bero agreed to support me if I can best his champion. I must defeat Dram Bero's champion, Garding the Bold, but not kill him. I can knock him out or fight him to a draw."
"I defeated Dram Bero's champion, Garding the Bold."
"Dram Bero agreed to give me his support on the council."
However, none of these are visible in the quest entry for Hlaalu Hortator, and I'm unable to get Crassius Curio to nominate me Hlaalu Hortator. Can anyone confirm if these entries have any Journal index values referring to this quest? END NOTE]

Those quest stages are all part of the quest Bero's Support quest, which is one of the quests for members of the House Hlaalu -- in other words, it's for gaining support to advance in rank within House Hlaalu. It's not directly related to Hlaalu Hortator, which is part of the main quest, and does not require you to be a member of House Hlaalu. --NepheleTalk 14:28, 7 May 2009 (EDT)

The article states the false[edit]

when tells that Crassius Curio will demand a kiss when 90 disposition. This is untrue. I played that step a moment ago and I had 81 of disposition and Curio asked for a kiss. — Unsigned comment by Janmojzis (talkcontribs) on Octber 17, 2009

I've checked, and you actually only need 70 disposition. The article is fixed, thanks for pointing this out. --Timenn-<talk> 11:59, 19 October 2009 (UTC)

Curio asks for kiss[edit]

I just played and it asked for me to take my clothes off, not kiss. I just removed every item and it continued — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 16:54 on 22 October 2017‎

That was for the quest An Admiring Sponsor. Silence is GoldenBreak the Silence