Morrowind Rebirth:Starting Out

Mod / Morrowind: Morrowind Rebirth

This is a list of tips and tricks to know when starting Morrowind Rebirth.

How to StartEdit

To start the mod, simply start a new game and go through the character creation process. It is not recommended to start on an old save, unless you use Wrye Mash to repair your save game.

If you're using MGE or MGE XE, don't forget to re-run distant land generation to avoid potential landscape issues.

Things to KnowEdit

  • Almost all of the cities across Vvardenfell have received massive tweaks including new layouts, houses, shops and other places of interest.
  • More than 20 brand new creatures have been integrated into the game via leveled lists.
  • More than 100 armor pieces have been added.
  • Places like shops and city gates close at night.
  • Some of the famed exploits have been patched.
  • Spells, Birthsigns, Alchemy, Armor, Weapons and Enchanting have all been tweaked.
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