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Morrowind Rebirth - Mercenaries [Addon].esp is an optional add-on to Morrowind Rebirth. It adds 10 new hireable NPCs that can act as companions.

Basic InformationEdit

The hireable mercenaries are capable of the following:

  • Following and waiting for the player
  • Carrying equipment
  • Levitating when the player does
  • Water walking when the player does
  • Can leave the players service
  • Will tell the player (via message box) when they are injured

You can only have one companion at a time. Note that if a companion dies, another companion can be hired.


All mercenaries have a predetermined skill that they start on (an assassin will start with 50 Short Blade regardless of the player's Short Blade skill level, unless that is higher). In some instances, the mercenaries will learn from the player, and will improve their own skills.


Some companions have some simple unique dialogue regarding certain locations, and sometimes the quest you're on.

How to Hire MercenariesEdit

To hire one of the newly added NPCs, simply approach them. You will be able to hire them for a fee of 200 septims.

List of mercenariesEdit

NPC ID Location
Skeeme MR_Merc_01 Hla Oad
Mabrel MR_Merc_02 Ebonheart
Enarvyne Telnim MR_Merc_03 Tel Mora
Aldaril MR_Merc_04 Wolverine Hall
Lucret Closcius MR_Merc_05 Pelagiad
Adhara MR_Merc_06 Caldera
Hjornskar Long-Tooth MR_Merc_07 Dagon Fel
Bogdub Snagra MR_Merc_08 Khuul
Suleen MR_Merc_09 Ald'ruhn
Faldil MR_Merc_10 Balmora