Morrowind Rebirth:Items

Mod / Morrowind: Morrowind Rebirth

Equippable ItemsEdit

  • Armor — Items that you wear that provide protection from enemies.
  • Clothing — Items that you wear, including jewelry, that do not provide protection.
  • Weapons — Items that you attack with to deal damage.


  • Ingredients — Harvested items that are made into potions through alchemy, or can be eaten directly.
  • Potions — Alchemical consumables that temporarily add magic effects to the user.
  • Scrolls — Magical items that work as one-use spells, and do not require magical knowledge to use.
  • Tomes — Similar to scrolls, though much rarer and have unlimited uses.

Other ItemsEdit

  • Books — Books with text to read.
    • Notes — Notes with text to read.
  • Cards — Collectibles that you can gather.
  • Keys — Items that can open containers and doors.