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Morrowind Mod:Tool Features

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Player and modder tools provide a rich assortment of features for both novice users up to advanced modders. Listed here are the most used features of such tools.

Novice players should scan the first several sections of this list, but skip the last section (Modding) which focusses on features that only modders will need.

Mod ManagementEdit

General Mod Management
  • Move, rename, duplicate mod files.
  • Wrye Mash
Install/Uninstall Mods

Mod ReconciliationEdit

Leveled List Merging
  • Merge changes to the same leveled list by different mods, so that all additions, deletions and releveling appear during gameplay.
  • Wrye Mash: Mashed Lists
  • Tes3cmd: Multipatch
Load Ordering
Record Merging
  • Merge changes to different parts of the same record by different mods.
  • TESTool
  • SmartMerger
Dialog Merging (Very Advanced)
  • String together dialog entries from different mods for the same character.
  • TESTool

Savegame ManagementEdit

General Management
  • Move, rename, duplicate savegames.
  • Wrye Mash
Load Masters
  • Reset active mod list to match master mod list of a given save. Prevents accidental addition or removal of mods from list.
  • Wrye Mash


BSA Browsing/Editing
Change File Type