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                SetFactionReaction, FactionID1, FactionID2, Value

       Where:   FactionID1 = FactionID source 
                FactionID2 = FactionID target
                Value      = Value to modify the faction reaction by.
        Type:   Faction

     Returns:   none

     Example:   SetFactionReaction, "Thieves Guild", "Temple", -2
                SetFactionReaction, "Redoran", "Nerevarine", 4 

     Scripts:   MoonAndStar

Defines the reaction of one faction towards members of another faction. Positive value indicate more like, while negative values indicate dislike. For example,

        SetFactionReaction, "Thieves Guild", "Temple", -2

will cause all thieves guild members to dislike all temple members (it is not reversible so you would have to also set the Temple faction reaction to the Thieves guild).

See Also: GetFactionReaction, ModFactionReaction