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                SetAngle, Axis, Angle

       Where:   Axis  = World axis to set the object's angle (X, Y, or Z)
                Angle = Angle in degrees to set (float). In Tribunal the function can accept
                        variable floats as well as literal values.

        Type:   Movement

     Returns:   none

     Example:   SetAngle, X, 45.0
                "Act_banner_Tel_Vos"->SetAngle, Z, 90
                SetAngle, Y, GetStartingAngle, Y
                SetAngle, Y, fValue                     (Tribunal only)

     Scripts:   SignRotate

Sets the angle of the object in degrees using the given world axis. In Tribunal the function also accepts float variables in addition to literal values.

Setangle does not appear to work with actors. Consider using Face instead.