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                RepairedOnMe, ObjectID

       Where:   ObjectID = The repair object to check for

        Type:   Object

     Returns:   short

     Example:   if ( daedric_shield->RepairedOnMe, repair_master_01 == 1 )
                if ( "DarkBrotherhood Boots"->RepairedOnMe, "repair_grandmaster_01" == 1 )

     Scripts:   Not Used

Returns 1 if the calling object is repaired by given object, or 0 otherwise. For example,

        if ( "banhammer_unique"->RepairedOnMe, "repair_journeyman_01" == 1 )

checks against a Banhammer being repaired by a journeyman's hammer. Obviously, the ObjectID should be a valid repair item and the calling item should be a weapon or armor.